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  1. Len's last post to this forum was 1 day prior to a surgery on Oct. 8, 2018. I'm sorry to report that he did not recover and he passed away on Oct. 14th. I retired 1 week ago - and finally have time to follow up on more loose ends. My retirement plan was to encourage and join Len in actually attending Datsun events. Sadly that was not to be. For now I am keeping the 510. However, I know nothing about mechanics so am relying on a friend to put it in a bit better running condition. The SX was sold, but still have a nonrunning 1977 F10 that needs to be sold. There are various Datsun pieces and parts, transmissions, engines, etc here - that are available for fair offers. Trouble is - I have to rely on a friend (currently busy farming) to identify. I can take photos - or if Datsun Mike plans to travel through E. WA, let me know and perhaps you can assist. Sorry - I don't know the protocols (selling?) for this Forum or the best/safest way to proceed. Thanks, Karen

    1. ]2eDeYe


      I am sorry to hear he passed, he was a great contributor here and will be missed. 

      Photos will help with identification of parts. We have a classified section for actual selling of parts. 

      You should be able to post anywhere in the forums now, if you start a thread in general discussion I am sure everyone would like to help figure out what you have and you may find some help close to your location. You will need use a photo hosting site such as imgur or postimage for posting pics. 

      Please let me know if you need any help with the forums. 

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