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  1. Hi TJ, Congratulations on you guys doing the suspension swap - that’s quite an undertaking, but will make for a unique wagon! I really appreciate the update - please let me know what 200sx trim parts you have. My number one need is for a front lower valence panel. I also have put big projects on hold for the duration of the pandemic. But I do have a line on a complete 510 independent rear suspension, already converted to coil overs, for $50. Again if you can let me know what you have that would be great. Thanks again for reaching out! Leafspringer
  2. I don’t know Greg, but I have seen the Ad for the 510, in suburban Maple Grove, I believe. I would be very interested in your 200sx parts, either to purchase or we can swap for some 510 parts I have. I need an outside mirror, the lower front valance panel and a couple interior parts. Please send me a message with what you have. Thanks for reaching out, and for your comments on my car!
  3. I must salute you for accomplishing the transplant! Please describe how the ride and handling changed - did you use a 510 irs? As far as posting photos, I was able to do it by using the advice from Datzenmike farther up this chain. Or if you can send me a couple directly that would be much appreciated too. Thanks much 160J SSS!
  4. Thanks Paradime and Scooter for your comments, and counsel. I’m making a list of work to do in the spring.
  5. Photos were taken in early April...temperatures in the 60s and the ice going out in the lakes. Minneapolis has a half dozen lakes all linked by parkways and bike trails. Highway 2 is a nice road...in the summer! Right now we’re looking at record cold tomorrow...an early winter.
  6. Yes, nice car. Thanks for the help in figuring out the photo post process!
  7. Lots to think about, indeed - thanks again datzenmike and scooter. A little background: I bought the 200sx on a whim, and I like it A LOT better than I thought I would. It’s in incredible condition - the body is clean, with very minor corrosion in the lower corner of the front fenders and some weird rust on the flange of the trunk opening under the rubber gasket (not visible when the trunk is closed) and a small hole in the spare tire well and some random surface spots. Underbody, floorboards, rockers, trunk, under hood areas and frame rails are solid as new, all covered in this original waxy rustproofing - that’s how I know the rear shocks are original caused they’re rust proofed too. Interior is like new except for one crack in the dash. Body has about 70-percent original paint.The L20B is sweet running. I adjusted the valves and set the timing and drove it 1,300 miles in a few months. No oil usage whatsoever! The engine seems well matched to the automatic transmission, and the combo is much nicer than the L16 PL510s I’ve owned with the Jatco three speed. It actually scoots pretty good and keeps up with modern traffic at city speeds. The extra torque really helps the transmission. For some reason the choke relay is missing and there’s no choke function or fast idle on the Hitachi DCH340 on cold startup. Not really a problem for a summer-only car, and once warmed up it runs great. Quick off the line, then “modest” but steady acceleration until it comes alive more around 60 mph. As it sits now is a great summer cruiser that would be helped by tightening up the suspension a bit. Scooter, I’m trying to figure out how to post photos. Thanks again ,guys!
  8. What a comprehensive description of all the possibilities! The S10 is tucked away for winter now, so the work will commence in the spring. I agree that the brakes are not stellar, and I just went through them and it did help some, but the original design deficit continues. Scooter, reading your comments is like drinking from a fire hose - I mean that as a huge compliment. Great information and insights! This is a knowledgeable and helpful community! Thanks to all for your help.
  9. Very useful information. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, datzenmike!
  10. Excellent information, datzenmike, lots to consider. I’m going to check out your 710 build thread. Is the design of the 200sx rear suspension closer to the 710 or the B210? Thanks again!
  11. Sounds like some excellent options - thanks for your help with the “shock therapy!”
  12. Good idea, I will go for the low hanging fruit first. The car actually rides great and handles pretty good, but when the road gets rough it the rear dances a bit, and on big bumps there’s a rattle, like you’re carrying something loose in the trunk. Since it only has 64,000 original miles and I know the shocks are original, I’ll replace them first! Thanks for the advice, datzenmike!
  13. Is it possible to transplant the independent rear suspension from a 510 to another vehicle, such as a first generation 200SX (S10)? The rear track width is nearly identical...only 2/10ths of an inch difference. Curb weights are very similar. The current leaf spring suspension on my 200sx is just okay, and something is rattling every time I hit a good-sized bump. I miss the glued-to-the-road feeling of a 510 in corners and on rough roads. I’ve also been told the ‘77 through ‘79 200sx already has the 510 front suspension, and wonder if anyone has ever gone all the by adding the IRS?
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