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  1. So much good info here! Even thou a swap is far in the future for me I love browsing through these post and soaking up all the great knowledge you all have. Thanks again Ratsun!
  2. Such a beautiful truck! Hopefully I can get mine to a good spot like yours soon.
  3. That's good to know that adding a regulator may not be a good idea at this point. So far I have been driving the truck all week and haven't had any more issues. So I just may leave the regulator off for now. Especially since I did end up ordering a cheap Summit regulator and gauge. 😂 Thanks again Ratsun for all your help.
  4. Yes my pump is rated for 4psi but just recently got a regulator and a gauge so I can monitor the pressure properly. I know the weber carb wants 3psi tops of fuel pressure. After thinking about the whole process I do think that the pump just needed to be primed. The pump is located below the tank in the stock fuel pump bracket. Once again thank you all for the help. Looking forward to fixing the next set of issues that this 40 year old truck brings.
  5. Bone head mistake of the year award goes to me! 💩 This morning I woke up early and was determined to get the truck running. After looking everything over I realized the gas cap wasn't all the way down and was causing the fuel pump to suck up air. Once I pushed it down I saw the fuel filter get nice and fuel. After that it started right back up light a champ! Moral of the story is to use a proper multi-meter and to double check all your wiring connections. Thanks again for all the help. This experience has sharpen my skills regarding electric fuel pumps. Looking into a mechanical pump moving forward.
  6. First of all thank you all for your help. It has definitely pointed me in the right the direction. Haven't solved the issue yet but getting close. Quick recap of todays effort. Added gas down the carb and fired right up. Confirmed I was getting good spark. Tested the voltage early this morning with a test light and was getting a positive read at the fuel pump wiring (BW wire). So my initial thought was the fuel pump was out. No power when key was on. Went to Napa and purchased a brand new Carter electric pump. Installed and still didn't turn on. After this I was pretty confused. Busted out the mutli-meter and started checking connections. Turns out I was only getting 1 volts at the fuel pump. 😞 chased the wires to the interior wires near the dash and found one wire to be loose. Plugged it back in and now I'm getting a full 12volts at the fuel pump. On start I can feel/hear it pumping. Only issue is nothing comes up to the fuel filter and still no gas coming up to the carb. Not sure if i missed anything. The lines do not seem to be clogged. I pushed some compressed air though the lines with no issues. Once again any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the help DatzenMike! I looked down the carb and saw no gas come out when I pump the throttle. I went to the parts store this morning for a new fuel filter since I did not swap it out when I installed the new carburetor. Installed the new filter but no gas comes up to it when I try to start. Seem like the culprit could be the electric fuel pump. Looks new but maybe something clogged it? I believe my truck came stock with AC so it has always had a electric pump. Should I get a mechanical? Current fuel pump installed on the truck.
  8. Hello Ratsun, Just got my 1978 Kingcab a few weeks ago. It has the stock L20B engine. I recently installed a new weber 32/36 dgv since the og carb was on its last legs. Everything was running great until yesterday when all of a sudden it just dies out on me as I am driving home. During the drive I had no issues and gas gauge was showing 1/4 of a tank. I pulled to the side of the road and tried a few things to get it to started again. It would crank over and start but immediately die out as if it needed gas. I checked the fuel filter and didn't see any issues. Also got some compressed air and blew it down the fuel line towards the filter to see if I can knock something out. No luck. The truck does have a electric fuel pump that was recently installed by the previous owner. I did just realize that I did not have a fuel pressure regulator for my electric fuel pump. Could that be the culprit? Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. If I win more of a reason to drop in a KA!
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