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  1. Thanks Mike. The carb came with the block off plate so I removed what I could of the system and plugged anything I thought looked like it would cause a vacuum leak. Some plugs are temporary just so I could get it to idle and check some other things. More permanent solution coming soon and I plan to delete that rail on the manifold also.
  2. After a free temporary plugs here and there, she idles great! Had to shave a little off the adapter plate and gasket. Here's the before pic. Now that it's all been test fitted and it works, I'll be disconnecting and pulling the engine to do gaskets and investigate the engine deeper. Also want to do cleanup and paint.
  3. So, I got the webber in today and deleted a bunch of clutter. She idles way better now but I'm getting a grinding noise from the front of the motor. I have a water pump on the way and I'll check the chain tensioner also. I'm going to look for a place to host photos so I can post pics of what I have done so far.
  4. Do you have the size and thread pitch for the plugs I'll need by chance?
  5. That's exactly what I need to know, what to keep and what to plug up! I'm more concerned with a clean engine that's easier to work on. Everything is so corroded that it will be easier to remove it than replace it at this point. Thanks Mike! You're a life saver buddy. I'll be posting updates on Instagram at @contained_chaoschaos180
  6. Hey guys, I'm working on a 76 620. I have a Webber showing up tomorrow but I want to delete all the emissions crap while I'm in there. Couldn't find a good breakdown with the search on how, so figured I'd ask someone to point me to a couple good threads to read since I'm sure it's been posted a million times somewhere. Thanks in advance.
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