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  1. Thanks BrothersGarage. Like many members I'm sure, if I had a quarter for old datsuns that I've owned and given away, I'd have a lot of quarters lined up. The older and more nostalgic I get, the more difficult I find it to get rid of stuff. Something about these old things and the good old days of the 70's. Truth be told, I myself enjoying throwing empty boxes in the back of the truck bed but I gotta move on. I think your right, having parts for my driver 521 is money saved. So it's time to disassemble this "grey eagle" and chronicle my progress. If memory serves, I found an old parts list somewhere in a pdf. think I'll print that out and check the boxes as I go along.

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  2. Thanks again to all that have weighed in on this topic. No trivial matter for me personally cuz I really like these old trucks. That said, I've decided to keep the important parts (mostly mechanical) and part out the rest. Ill post this to the classified section later today. I'll also respond to those looking for specific parts. Say, question for you ok? I am going to disassemble and tag the parts. By chance is there a guide to tear a 521 down?  In kind of curious, how many overall hours should expect to in invest in the process.

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  3. Thanks to all that responded. Really great advice. I think I'll keep it for what I need parts wise and offer up for sale the parts that I dont. Say, question for you. Is there any real difference between a 1971 and a 1970 521. They appear to be identical to me.

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  4. All,


    I'm a relative newbie to the forum and I could use some advice. I found a 70 521 cuz I needed parts (windsheild, trim etc ) for my 71. It's a garage find of sorts and it's in decent shape for its age. On the good news side it is a CA truck with current non OP and the engine (L20 with a 5spd) starts and runs. So the question is, should I part it out cuz it has a lot of good parts on it or should I try to find a good home for it? Your feedback would greatly be appreciated.00404_81ai70ZiKy3_1200x900.jpg00u0u_bSUIY4c05Rm_1200x900.jpg




    P.s. I floated a price if 1200.00 on craigslist with a parts explanation and got a few nibbles. I'm kind of leaning of leaving in tact but the parts or so hard to come by.

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  5. Thanks DatzenMike! Whoa, Ive owned both and I had no idea how different they are. So, size wise are the totally different dimensions as well? In other words can you get a 521 to fit onto the 620 at all? I think I know the answer to this.  Sorry for the fire drill!

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  6. Hello, first time post.


    Ive been trying to track down a tailgate for my 521. If I am not mistaken, the tailgate is EXACTLY the same but the latches are different. Any help would be much appreciated.

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