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  1. All, I'm a relative newbie to the forum and I could use some advice. I found a 70 521 cuz I needed parts (windsheild, trim etc ) for my 71. It's a garage find of sorts and it's in decent shape for its age. On the good news side it is a CA truck with current non OP and the engine (L20 with a 5spd) starts and runs. So the question is, should I part it out cuz it has a lot of good parts on it or should I try to find a good home for it? Your feedback would greatly be appreciated. Bill P.s. I floated a price if 1200.00 on craigslist with a parts explanation and got a few nibbles. I'm kind of leaning of leaving in tact but the parts or so hard to come by.
  2. BillC

    521 vs 620 Tailgate

    Up North near Sacramento. I have a 620 tailgate for sale by the way. lol
  3. Time Left: 3 days and 11 hours

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    Thanks in advance


    , CA0

  4. BillC

    521 vs 620 Tailgate

    Thanks DatzenMike! Whoa, Ive owned both and I had no idea how different they are. So, size wise are the totally different dimensions as well? In other words can you get a 521 to fit onto the 620 at all? I think I know the answer to this. Sorry for the fire drill!
  5. BillC

    521 vs 620 Tailgate

    Hello, first time post. Ive been trying to track down a tailgate for my 521. If I am not mistaken, the tailgate is EXACTLY the same but the latches are different. Any help would be much appreciated.
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