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    Terrell Tx
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    1980 720 and a 1963 320
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    Tinkering with my vehicles, drawing and making useful or useless things😁

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  1. DereKeith

    520-521 bed

    I’ll narrow the bed, since I can’t find a bed, I’ll just sell my truck
  2. DereKeith

    520-521 bed

    I just need the bed to modify since it has the contour I need and I was gonna make it look like it came with on the truck
  3. Time Left: 13 days and 23 hours

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    I’m looking for a 520 bed and 320 grill 62,63 or 64 and front bumper for a 320


  4. DereKeith

    520-521 bed

    I looking to swap out my 320 bed and fit a 520 bed, anyone know where I can get one?? My bed is ok but I like the 520 beds better
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