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  1. My boss and I took a huge hit last year in the cannabis industry and i ended up having to take a 9-5 to cover my ass. I'm making 19/hr in cali so the 510 is gonna be slow. I've done a handful of little things I can snap some photos of. In an interesting turn of events, some scumbag sold my roommate a 300zx that looked ok at first, the whole sub frame is bent to shit on the bottom. I am considering taking the vg 30 out of his car along with the trans and diff. I've heard there's a little fabrication skills and patience involved in this build so I am still debating it.
  2. got some stuff brushed down and coated in rustoleum
  3. Had a friend take a couple pieces to be sand blasted the other day, my lower control arms are toast. will probably order some new from ermish racing when I get some funds together. I believe my front struts are probably toast too will snag some pictures in a couple hours and you guys can let me know what you think about them
  4. Before and after photos for wire brushing start (first time using this tool haha)
  5. Hey, ratsun, I'm new to ratsun, new to datsuns, new to cars in general. This datsun 510 I just bought will be my first build. Picked it up from The510keeper, with a bunch of parts to go with it. I will be updating often with my progress, and will be photo-documenting the process of cleaning and salvaging some of the older parts. I'm very interested in locating people in san francisco bay area/north bay area who have worked on datsuns and have a little more experience than I. Especially looking for detailing shops that have a history working with datsuns. I'm locat
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