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  1. Hello Crashtd420, on your a/c install did you wire both fans to come on at engine temp or one for engine temp and one for a/c compressor on? Im running the L20b with the fan clutch /water pump and wondered ,do I need an additional a/c fan? I think a pair of 7" electrics will fit outside of the condenser but its getting tight with the aluminum rad and a condenser. What do you think? 

  2. thank you, I have looked at this compressor, what side of the engine did you mount it on? I have also found the sd7b10 comes with the v-belt pulley. thius compressor is quite small but works well in retro fitting.

    did you make a pattern to build the bracket? how close is the steering box to the mounted compressor? and how is the belt adjusted? thanks for your insight


  3. Hello William, I was told you could possibly help me. I'm looking for a dual SU intake MANIFOLD only, for the L series engines.

    Got any or know where to find one?



  4. 18 hours ago, yenpit said:

    Wow, nice!


    We are planning a Datsun meet up in Boulder for Sat May 9th...................well, if we are "allowed to"!!  Be a bit of a haul for you, but something fun to do!  I'm hoping to have my 72 521 flat bed up & running by then!




    TJ, you have a flat bed, want to return it to a pick up bed? I have a complete bed.

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  5. 17 minutes ago, wayno said:

    You cannot get them to load onto Imgur or you cannot copy them to paste them here, I went to your account and the last photo I seen was the one of the side of the shiny black box and rear rotor.

    Wayne, they are loaded in imgur, I can copy them but they will not load up rats in. There should be 6 more pics after the left bed side/bark rotor pic. Thx for taking time on this.

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  6. It would appear I’m better with a wrench than a photo upload. I’m trying to get images from imgur to load here on this post, but alas I’m unsuccessful. Any thoughts as to my possible mistakes? 

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