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  1. Captin840


    You got any advice on where to get an electronic distributor?
  2. Captin840


    So does anyone know how many points came original in the 1973 Datsun 620 pickups distributor? Single or duel? I currently have single but it looks like it might have came with duel at one point. Thank you!!
  3. That's exactly what the problem was thank you, good on yah!
  4. Thanks man I appreciate it!
  5. I was driving along and both high/low head lights went out. Still had my park lights, went to check the fuses and they seemed fine other then one off them was very hot. Not sure if it's something in the wiring or the main headlight switch on the dash.
  6. So in every gear and usually at high rpms the engine will stutter or miss like it's cutting out. Messed with all the timing except the timing chain. Does a worn chain or tenchiners let the engine do that? It's the L16 1973 620, with about 100,000 original miles on it. It does have a Weber carborator on it with some vacuum lines not being used anymore, they have bolts in the ends of them, and that's how I bought it, haven't messed with them at all. The truck sat for awhile and when I first started driving it,it was fine, and now that I'm driving it alot more it's starting to act up on me.
  7. I can't get my timing right. When you turn the truck off it will diesel so you have to put it in gear and kill it that way. And it also stutters or Miss's when your in 4 gear and high rpms.
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