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  1. I’m really liking the idea of a stock air cleaner housing... the bottom plate of what I currently have is aluminum, so I’ll have to fab something up from scratch. No big deal... a bigger deal is finding a stock housing....
  2. Here’s a shot of the rear
  3. Also- what air cleaner would you guys recommend. Not really liking what was on there.
  4. 530-521

    70 Datsun 521 newbie

    Where did you guys get the felts and wipers?
  5. 530-521

    Timing chain ?

    The only reason I took that shield off was because I looked on top of the motor and there was a piece of that crystallized sealant laying right behind #4’s valves... so I noticed where it came from, the valve cover shield. So I chipped The rest of it off, and cleaned it all up and the screws that held the shield too. Then I blue Loctited then back in.
  6. 530-521

    Timing chain ?

    Thanks guys. I’ll let you know how it goes when I can take her for a drive later this week. John
  7. 530-521

    Timing chain ?

    Anything else I need to know about putting the valve cover on? Torque specs?
  8. 530-521

    Timing chain ?

    What about this windage tray inside the valve cover? It has some kind of sealant over the screws that was cracked and falling off. I chipped it all off and took all the screws out and cleaned it all up.. Should I locktite the screws in??
  9. 530-521

    Timing chain ?

    Well guys- I really appreciate it. Glad to have you guys along for the adventure. So- I shortened the thermostat housing bolt, and tried to bend the tension guide back. It did move some, but it is still curved looking down on it.. its better, should I run it for now?
  10. That came out beautiful
  11. 530-521

    Timing chain ?

    I saw coolant, around the water pump mounting surface, and it was hitting the ground
  12. 530-521

    Timing chain ?

    Guys- there is a coolant leak- but it’s hard to tell exactly where it was coming from exactly, because of the ridiculous valve cover gasket leak... should I put the valve cover gasket back on first? Then asses further? Sorry I’m such a pain in the ass- I appreciate the help. John
  13. 530-521

    Timing chain ?

    Ok- you’re making me feel better about it... I’ll just try to bend that guide back some and run it for now- I think what I was seeing leaking was still the valve cover gasket... how about the broken water pump bolt? Can I get to that easy enough to repair by pulling the water pump?
  14. 530-521

    Timing chain ?

    Ya Wayno- it’s leaking. There’s also a broken bolt for the water pump... I’m thinking to wrench it all while it’s in the truck... I dunno...
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