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  1. Ok- but I honestly don’t know why. Are they inferior?
  2. Hey guys, how’s it going? I’ve enjoyed a few more store/cheeseburger runs, and the kid and I are having a great time. Truck runs great, and leaks are minimal. I think I’m going to do the pan gasket next to alleviate the leak there. Is it as straightforward as it looks? Drop the crossmember, drop the pan, clean it up, new gasket, bam? Also, what filter do you guys like to run? Oil? Anything 10w 40? John
  3. Good idea on those labels Mike. So the kid and me went for a 30ish mile test rip, and it looks like I got 95% of the leaks handled... it must still just be dripping residuals when it heated up, so Im gonna do another degreasing round. All in all she runs great now though!!
  4. Um ya- I’m an idiot. Plug wires crossed. Urrrrrrr.
  5. Hey guys. So.... I finally Had a chance to play with the truck today... It was hard to start, and when I got it running, it had massive misfire issue... took the air cleaner cover off and it’s spitting fuel and flame out the carb. I can feather the throttle and get it to rev, but when the rpms come back down it backfires and sputters. What the hell did I do????
  6. Ok guys- an update. Ive been tinkering here and there for a week as time allows. I made a new air cleaner housing from scratch, and plumbed the valve cover vent to it. I installed a new valve valve cover gasket, and tightened things as I went. EVERYTHING on this truck is finger tight. I dont get it. Fuel pump, distributor, carb, water pump, alternator, idler arm.... everything finger tight- or less. Oh- also the valve cover vent was blocked off by the hose clamp squeezing down the end of the small filter that was on there, so I’m sure the engine was getting the leaks pressure fed. I also tig welded up a crack crack on the support in the underside of the hood.... all of the “foam” affixing the supports the main deck lid of the hood are separated. Any suggestions on a good fix for that?
  7. Its lowered an 1-1/2” front, 1-1/4 rear
  8. Thanks guys. Another thing I’ll be looking into further...
  9. The wheels have a bit of camber.. not crazy by any means... Only the passenger side is shimmed like that. The drivers side has matching thick washers
  10. So I’m guessing something is effed. Like a bent kingpin?
  11. Is this the correct way to shim it though?? It looks backwoods AF.
  12. What is this all about?? Gah!!!
  13. I’m really liking the idea of a stock air cleaner housing... the bottom plate of what I currently have is aluminum, so I’ll have to fab something up from scratch. No big deal... a bigger deal is finding a stock housing....
  14. Here’s a shot of the rear
  15. This is what it was
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