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  1. Both caliper lock up. brand new flex line on both fronts also.
  2. Circuit I assumed are correct from last owner, ill double check with diagram. I'll also try to extend rod back some more and see what happens.
  3. I was able to extend the rod back about half an inch, check the pedal with my thumb like the suggest post and caliper still getting stuck after driving it for a while looks like when then the caliper heats up. Should I bleed the system again? or get a new master cylinder, if a new one should i go with the 280zx?
  4. thanks for the help guys will mess around with the rod next.
  5. Need help/advice or if anyone gone through this issue before. 510 with 280zx front brake upgrade, stock rear drums, 7/8 MC. I put new calipers on, brake line, brake pad, the rear are stock drum was just services by shop everything new but the issue still not fix. My calipers are still stuck, the caliper wont release back this only happen when the car is drive for a few miles when the rotor are hot. Do I need the 280zx mc 15/16 will this help? Or do I need to adjust my brake rod?
  6. Any on here know where I can find the maxima rear disc bracket at I try EDP even email him aaron at engineering datsun. I assumed that company is no longer in business due to no reply back. thank guys.
  7. Well I plan to do a sr20det swap someday and I have this Toyota brake setup on my 240z. was just wonder if the 510 will work with the same setup. I have a 15'' rim.
  8. Have a 510 with 280zx fronts, can I do a Toyota 4x4 4piston brake/calipers upgrade on this like in a Z with the spacer? btw what's the caliper differences in a s12w and s13w will any of these calipers work? thanks
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