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  1. The reason being is i need to ship a set and want to know arpund aboit cost for shipping
  2. Does does anyone know how much 620 leaf springs weigh
  3. Spaceman

    79 620

    Ok thanks.. I'm gonna use a new switch and key I purchased for my 73
  4. Spaceman

    79 620

    They lost the key for the locks and ignition so I'm gonna need to replace the ignition switch when I get there is that hard to do and do u know what tools I will need to have to do the job
  5. Spaceman

    79 620

    I'm not sure if that's a sticker for the 5 speed or not but I will know more when I go pick it up.. They lady I'm buying it from is in California and the truck is in Oklahoma so she really doesn't know much about the truck
  6. Spaceman

    79 620

    This is my new baby I'm going to pick her up this Friday I'm so excited.. Do all 79 have disk brakes and a 5 speed
  7. I'm waiting on pictures on the truck now but I'm curious to know how much should a truck like this go for from what he tells me it's in fair condition little to no rust at all and it's a Texas truck thanks for your info
  8. Spaceman

    73 620

    I talked to the owner and he told me the reason he parked it wss problems with the carberator and I have yet to move it from his property because his yard is really wet
  9. Spaceman

    73 620

    Well I picked it up for 100$ so I'm not into it for much money at all but I did find a king Kab in a Texas junkyard and I'm waiting on pics and a price for fenders bed hood and other parts I need what is a fair price for all these parts any help is appreciated
  10. Spaceman

    73 620

    Yes it does and it weighs a ton so I'ma take it to the scrap yard to get some money for it.. I will be moving it to my house this Friday and when I get it cleaned up I'll post more pics
  11. Spaceman

    73 620

    How do I upload Pic any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Spaceman

    73 620

    I just purchased a 73 620 and it's Def a project truck I want to upload pics so I can get some opinions to see if it's worth taking on
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