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  1. The more people say no the more I want to do it. I want a turbo L20 because we never see it at shows. I really don't care if I only get about 20hp gain. It is a challenge I look forward to trying to figure out. I know its crazy but what if it works? How cool will that be to see.
  2. Hello everyone. I bought that set up for 100 bucks just for kicks. I had planned on doing some kind of simple low psi set up just for show. Wanted that old Japanese rat rod feel. It sounds like I might have bit off more than I can chew from the nay sayers here. I had looked at some Australian threads that have been doing this set up on old Datsun's for some time now. I also found this site. http://www.turbodatsun.com/Blow Through Carby Kit.htm. Just trying to make something different and thought provoking at old Datsun shows. Plus its fun to tinker with my son.
  3. Jetscat7

    Grill beauty rings

    Does anyone have any of the grill beauty rings for sale? Yes
  4. Blown core. I just went with a stock replacement and it is working great.
  5. Hello I want to switch to a aluminum radiator with electric fan. I am having trouble finding a new radiator that fits properly. Does anyone have a good solution?
  6. How do they attach? Can you send me a picture please?
  7. Time Left: 6 days and 4 hours

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    New Members 14 15 posts Location:Long Beach Cars:1979 Datsun 620 Report post Posted 3 hours ago I am looking for a grill with the silver light bezels for my 79 620. If anyone has on they would like to sell or trade please let me know. 😀


  8. I am looking for a grill with the silver light bezels for my 79 620. If anyone has on they would like to sell or trade please let me know. 😀
  9. Here is the beginning of my engine bay clean up. I now have the carb out cleaning it up.
  10. What are the lips around the headlights? I see them sometime and am curious.
  11. Nothing was done and it was easier to start before the vacuum lines were corrected. It is getting good spark. I have not cleaned the carburetor soI will bet the problem will be somewhere in there. That is the next job to tackle. Is it a good idea to replace the carb to something better once I have it off?
  12. So I just had all the vacuum lines redone and confirmed that there all in the correct place. Now the truck wont idle at all. It seems like the gas pedal response is very bad. Would that be a fuel delivery issue now? It did sit for awhile before I got it running. Also the vacuum lines were all messed up or missing. So now the vacuum lines are done and I will look into other issues.
  13. I have a shell that is off a 79 long bed. Is there anyone that is close to Long Beach that wants it?
  14. Does anyone know the best place to get JDM wheels for the 79 620? They are 6x5.5. I am not sure the offset. I am learning that there are a lot of great options for the 4 lug but not for the 6.
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