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  1. On your 77' 620 KC did you keep the stock long shift lever or did you go with something else to match the KA24de Trans. ?
  2. JVII85

    Help towing 77' 620 KC

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys 👍. I'm going to rent the full trailer from my local U-Haul.
  3. KA24 mounts currently available?
  4. JVII85

    Help towing 77' 620 KC

    Thanks for the reply much appreciated ! Burning the tranny is what I don't want lol although I'm doing a KA swap. I just found your thread on motor mounts going to PM you.
  5. I'm going to purchase a 77' 620 KC this weekend located in Santa Cruz CA. I currently reside in Los Angeles. my plans are to use my 5.7L Durango and a tow bar to tow it all the way home. I would greatly appreciate any advice on where mounting points may be located so that I can attach the tow bar, and how to get this done safely.
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