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  1. Thank you. I’m sure I’m overthinking most of it. Just always try to remember to “measure twice, cut once” kinda thing.
  2. Ok, stupid question about to be asked, and yes I’ve already poured over the 42 pages of this forum numerous times before I gave up and decided to ask for help. Single cam KA into ‘69 goon. Question is regarding the ECCS portion of the CAN/AM box. I’ve stripped the engine harness and tagged all of the required wiring to run into the box, however, the black w/ white stripe wires are my problem so far. Wire 109 is easy to chase and ends at at a unused plug, BUT, my 38/47 black w/ white stripe wires are actually tied back together about halfway down the harness and end at the plug that attaches t
  3. Do you off the top of your head, know what size fuseable link is? I haven't seen it while under the hood, I'm sure it's just hiding wrapped up within the wiring harness. I have also kicked the idea around of running a second fuse block for whatever gets added, so I would like to l know what would be a good size fuseable link to throw inline if/when I add that? Appreciate your help with this.
  4. Putting back together the pieces of a '69 wagon. Wiring was shot to sh!t and battery tray cut out to make room for POs Z20S swap. So I'm relocating the batter to the back, but am unsure what size main fuse I should use? Nothing fancy going in as far as electronics. Have all the wiring done, voltage regulator removed as it wasn't required anymore, headlights and electric fan are running off relays. On;t other thing that will be going in at some point is a nothing fancy stereo. Any thoughts or input would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks
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