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  1. Suppose I should throw on some Weber side drafts and call it good? Curious how the throttle response and sound compare to a pair of those.
  2. Oh, I can time a motor. I don't have the number one headband, but I do alright. Fine tuning power bands with chalk? Can't do that unless I drive it, and I'll never be sure every time I twist it. If good enough isn't, then I'll use a better tool. Maybe I'll even re-re-re-watch some of your videos
  3. How did you modification handle on the street? Was it hard to live with at part throttle in traffic? There's probably a way to to modify the pedal to throttle ratio to something livable
  4. I believe the answer is economy. But It's been a while since I read up on that subject. The average driver is usually at city speed or highway speed and not brap speed. Power and efficiency have a relation to time. If you want the most power in the least amount of time, it's gonna cost efficiency. That's where Engineer's come in. Efficiency is their currency
  5. Mike did you use the mechanical fuel pump to feed the carbs? I will try that. I want that.
  6. Yeah, I don't trust myself when I do it with the timing light. I will probably get the final tune done by some old school shop. Cool book, left out 620's though! My project will end up something like lil red here, since I'll be making a rat box for the back. At the least it will have cool smoke stacks. I just really like smoke stacks. not ugly through the bed stacks, but elegant stacks like lil red here.
  7. Damn the going rate for these things ain't cheap, I saw people raving about the savings though. 🤔 Not gonna find any at the local pick and pull either...hmmmm.... Suppose I could be patient untill I find a good deal.
  8. Awsome, what year yamaha are your carbs off of? What about the vacuum signal for the distributor?
  9. Aaaw sick stacks dude! Man now I'm gettin' the itch to do it too... I read the 1st of 57 pages, l like it. Thanks the useful info guys! 😃 Now do those R1 carbs need individually tuned, and have you gotten any clogged jets very often? Also are there any obvious markings or differences between the L16 & L18 SUs that I can use to identify the L18 SUs with? Heres a set of I think L18 SU's on ebay. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DATSUN-180B-SSS-TWIN-HITACHI-SU-CARBYS-INLET-MANIFOLD-L18-NISSAN-1600-L16-/324058145420
  10. Thanks dude, I've been looking for a while now, and I've decided to try my hand at locating these carbs you've suggested. I've got lots of time, land & fabrication ability - And I'm not afraid of no used carburetor. I've rebuilt motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, trail bikes, dirt bikes, mini bikes, trucks , tractors, mowers, cars, jeeps, vans & every kind of small engine 2 stroke and four. What I don't have is knowledge of these carburetors and how to spot them under different names while hunting ebay or w/e As an example this listing near me
  11. Hey guys, looking at a local add - there's some parts available, an L16 with some kind of cam installed, some factory 510 hubcaps and a Weber down draft carb. Does the mechanical fuel pump interchange with the L20B? carb? caps? My 620 L20B has the emissions removed, would the manifold be usefull?
  12. Yes, you can substitute that part for one of these: You won't need the stock harness if you go this route, you won't even need roads. You can see the custom harness fixed to the outside of this bad boy right here:
  13. Yeah I see what your missing there - you're getting that red spark because the rotor isn't producing enough capacitance. You should be producing about 1.21JWatts according to this schematic here: Check to see if this part here is connected correctly to mains power
  14. Nope not yet! But I fixed a leaky skylight! Is it a little chief like mine? I replaced the old propane heater with a Chinese diesel heater and it's pretty nice. There is a tear down of one of these motorhomes that was done and posted up on this forum that journals the process, but I couldn't find it. Maybe one of these guys can find it?
  15. AW that sucks bro. You probably shouldn't put things in your mouth tho, I think that's called pica - you might have a mineral deficiency. And are not the gay. Oh yeah? You in the market for mini rv?
  16. Well that would just be the baddest little motorhome on a green light. All in all you guys have given me some good advice, I have time so I'll just bide it for now. See what options crop up.
  17. Cant get into Canada?!? Did you try to use free speech over here? That's a nono. Just get a really good tan, put on a dress call yourself Martha & flick your wrist, customs won't give you any trouble. They might even celebrate. Not having a working engine would be an issue for a trade, unless I had an SR20DET to drop in.
  18. Oh wow..learn somethin new everyday. And here I thought it was standard operation to have duallies. I was thinking...I could take off the motorhome part, get a box and put a canopy ontop, then instead of welding in a new back of the cab and sourcing a window, I could leave it open. Then you would have open access to the back from the cab...could still camp even.
  19. No, it probably had the tires removed. That is to say, it's most liekly a dually with the two extra tires taken off.
  20. Well im not sure what mine is using, but it doesnt have duallies. I think this rv might have been used as a donor rv once upon a time. Considering the lack of a fridge, stove and 2 tires.
  21. Thats a negative on the accessories, no fridge no stove, unknown furnace operation. the shitter still works and i replaced the water pump. I installed about 1200 in solar stuff and added a wall mount smart tv. Just being a running mini-rv is worth atleast 1000 i'd say. Minus the 1500 bucks worth of goodies.
  22. I took a look at the classifieds here on ratsun and...2000+ is...well I'm not sure what I can get for the rv - half that atleast. Then theres the trouble of waiting for one to crop up near me (not likely) or driving across a foreign country to get one, though that sounds like a nice road trip.
  23. Yeah, it's walkthrough. The roof of the cab will need some sheet metal bent and welded in aswell. I'm on an island soooo...sourcing becomes troublesome. I know of a probably rusted box a dude in the boonies is using as tow-behind trailer...lol😅. I could go rat style failing that, but I'd rather just have a regular truck. Im good at rat since I come from the boonies and was always surround by old rusted dead n busted stuff I had to make work. But I bet theres someone out there wants a mini-motorhome and has a Datsun.
  24. Hey guys, considering converting my camper back into a truck, or offering to trade; I know someone did the conversion back to a truck but I haven't been able to find it.
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