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  1. Theghost

    My 720 project

    Should I drop it another inch?
  2. Theghost

    My 720 project

    Thanks bro, it was a lot of fun! Thats my father inlaw's (the guy in the pics) paint job, he does nice work...
  3. Theghost

    My 720 project

    Well Istarted this project a few months ago and am just about done- if thats possible Tore it down almost completely and went through the whole thing from floors to sunroof channels. In the end I'm really happy with it! Enjoy The beggining. Hard to see in the pic but quite a bit of rust... Some of the rust, had to deal with a lot of this, became obsessed with finding any... Started taking it apart, was really happy with the condition of the frame! Almost perfect, as well as the cabs hidden areas. Had to patch rust as well as fill original spot welds on sides. Insides of bed, ready to prime. Almost ready to prime- oh yeah and the Titans are mounted ! And done!! Sorry for the low quality pics, when I get some good ones I'll post em! Really stoked with the way it turned out! AC, Power Steering and a nice interior too!!
  4. Theghost

    Paint code help

    Anyone know the paint code fornthe orange they used on 1980 720's? My bro inlaw is painting his and having a hard time finding the paint code. Help?
  5. If you have some in decent shape let me know thanks Roy
  6. Theghost

    Do the $15 windshield mouldings online work?

    yeah Mike me too, I did a google search and this same product was really all I found at a few different sites... I think I'll give it a shot, I've spent $15 on worse things... =)
  7. Theghost

    Do the $15 windshield mouldings online work?

    I know bro! $2 for the part 12 for shipping LOL
  8. Anyone tried one of the windshield mouldings you can get online or around 15-20 bucks? Here's a link http://www.carbodyparts.net/1986-nissan-720/windshield_molding-n451702.html I need a new one and wondering if this will work ok. Thanks for all the help so far !
  9. Theghost

    1970 pl521

    If you were on the east coast I'd snap it up in a heartbeat!! Good luck, sucks you gotta sell it....
  10. Theghost

    Looking for an 83-84 720 tailgate

    Thanks Mike joined that board today, lots of good info for 720 owners!
  11. Theghost

    Looking for an 83-84 720 tailgate

    I posted that I am wanting to buy a tailgate in the wanting to buy section. I asked in here if anyone knew of a place that might have them, thinking maybe there was a site or something that someone knew of. Sorry if they sounded too similar for you bro, guess I should have titled it different but if you read both posts you woulda seen (I hope) that it wasn't the same... Really wasn't trying to clutter up the board. =)
  12. Theghost

    Looking for an 83-84 720 tailgate

    I hve been looking and can't seem to find one in decent shape. I have good internals and handle, just need a shell but finding one without a ton of rust has been tough! Any online places that may have one? Ive been checking CL but so far no luck... Thanks... ghost
  13. Anyone got one? I have good internals and handle, just basically need the shell. Let me know if you have one to sell. Dents and scratches not a huge deal, trying to find one with little/no rust. Thanks roy
  14. Theghost

    New member with new truck

    Love that color! Welcome to Ratsun bro, keep the pics coming...
  15. Theghost

    creamy.....1971 521

    Looks really nice!! What color is that?

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