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  1. hi there i have recently abandoned my well functioning heat and a/c systems off my 85 req cab short bed 4x4. Im positive its in their. from my limited research heater cores are compatible only with 83and 84's the 85 version is different as is a core that was accompanied by a/c equipment so thats something to be aware of. I can pull mine and send pictures if interested
  2. I just swapped out the perfectly functioning Distributor from my 1985(build date of 4/1985) CA emissions standard cab short bed Deluxe 4x4 720 for a re manufactured stock unit strictly as a preventative measure as parts are becoming ever more difficult to source and I am shipping my truck to Hawaii this summer which is notorious for being a difficult and expensive place to have parts shipped to, some parts sellers don't even offer the option of doing so. I would have left it alone if I remained on the mainland. it was pulled with 255k miles on the truck and is the original genuine nissan unit. I will include it with all related components which are newer such as the cap and rotor. make me an offer if interested . Would love for it to go to a fellow Ratsun user.
  3. I just abandoned my entire heat and a/c system that all worked as they should prior to installing a re manufactured long block Z24 on my 1985 ( built in 4/1985 so compatible with all other US 1983-1985 720's) My truck is a 4x4 standard cab short bed CA emissions model but I wouldn't think any details that specific would pose a compatibility issue. I dont recognize this part, where is it located?
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