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    I like driving my D21
    And planing to buy my first Datsun
  1. Thanks guys I’m going to do the swap this weekend.. if I have problems, I let you know guys, because still I need your help
  2. Maybe.. so you show me your king cab Datsun with ka24de
  3. https://postimg.cc/gallery/ue971yti/
  4. 🙄😩😫it’s really hard all this... but I try to explain.. 1- 240sx throttle sensor have 2 plugs. D21 throttle sensor have only 1. 2- 240sx IAA unit have 2 plugs. D21 IAA unit have like 5 inches of wire each thing, but they go to a single connector. 3- 240sx Air regulator where Is going... I have pics but I don’t know how post in this place
  5. Thanks datzenmike and ]2eDeYe for your help.... my 94 Hardbody have the ka24e.
  6. Hello everyone, I’m new in this forum.. I’m looking for some help, about 94 Nissan D21-240sx intake manifold swap
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