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  1. Let me get this straight, you want to put coils on this so your wife will ride with you? First of all, its a small TRUCK, not a car. You want to take away the purpose of the truck, which is Hauling things, so you'll have a 2 door ride with a unusable box on the back? OK? I bought mine just because it rides like a Truck. It hauls trees, furniture, and anything a truck is supposed to.I have a car, if i take the wife, we just get in the car, UNLESS she wants the truck ride and we have a great time in the Truck bouncing around.
  2. I would prefer it if it was dinging with the lights on and the door open, that's my next project, i just have to go back and look up what was done before as it was posted before being done. I think
  3. 1985 has the Brake and Turn signals on the same wires, easy 4 wire setup for the 4 pin trailer connector as the bulbs on the trailer share the brake and stop also. The Electronic Flasher works on the 1985, thanks Mike.
  4. I'll give the Electronic one a try, thanks.
  5. I was hoping someone had replaced theirs and would have a recommendation of the flasher unit model. When my truck bulb goes out, it doesn't flash at all and I haven't had a chance to look and see what the stock one I have is. Still hoping for the recommendation.
  6. I am the proud new owner of a used 14 foot utility trailer, the trailer has regular bulbs (not LED's), my truck didn't have the the 4 plug connector for the lights, so I installed one (real easy), when I went to test the trailer connection, with the blinkers turned on, it flashes a lot faster than without it being hooked up. I was wanting to know what Turn Signal Flasher Unit I could put in as the stock unit has too much of a load on it with the trailer attached. I had a a trailer hitch on my 72 impala 30 years ago that also had to have the turn signal unit replaced for the same issue but that car has been gone for 25 years. Any recommendation would be appreciated.
  7. Mine is 20 mph off at any speed, I might when it gets warmer remove the clear cover and take the needle and put it in the right position, but I know how to read it and confirmed the inaccuracy with my GPS.
  8. Good looking truck, can't wait to see it finished.
  9. I use Imgur.com to post pictures, I have to copy the Direct Link to get the picture to Post here.
  10. canon3383

    Radio harness

    The color wires matched what he described at the harness to the radio, yes the schematic is a year newer model and changes can be made i cant see as i don't have a schematic for the 1984 model. I wouldn't think the constant 12 volts on the 1985 is necessary for an analog AM/FM cassette model, but its listed on the schematic.
  11. canon3383

    Radio harness

    Unless the schematic is wrong I posted in a previous post, the wiring harness has 9 wires. This is at the Harness that connects to the Radio. It needs to be determined of the 2 Brown wires which one is ACC 12 volts (with ignition on) once this is done, the wires are as followed. Brown (as determined above) ACC 12 volts Black with Blue Stripe Body Ground Red with Blue Stripe Radio Light that increases and decreases with Illumination Control Unit - Variable side Red with Yellow Stripe Radio Light constant 12 volts on Illumination Control Unit Green with Red Stripe Constant 12 volts that comes from fuse #8 Black Speaker (positive side) Right Hand side (Passenger) Black with White Stripe Speaker (negative side) Right Hand side (Passenger) Brown with White Stripe Speaker (negative side) Left Hand side (Driver) Brown (as determined above) Speaker (positive side) Left Hand side (Driver) The schematic is for a 1985 720,
  12. I don't like running +12 volts like that as I have blown grounded speakers touching the wrong wire, fried an Amp another time, that cost me a lot of money, granted that was a long time ago, lesson learned.
  13. datzenmike is the Datsun guru, my schematic wont work for that truck. You will need a multimeter to measure to find which is the ground wire. A test light will not do that.
  14. Here is the schematic to an 1885 720 radio wiring, hope this help
  15. Thanks for the great pics, I'm about ready to do the same thing, looks great what you have done.
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