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  1. The passenger seat has the slide forward to have access to the jump seats in the back, it does not have that for the drivers seat as the mechanism on the drivers side Only makes the seat tilt back and forward. There are many past articles about the seats, the Forum has a lot of Great information.
  2. My 1985 720 2wd with z24 was running good. It's always, since i got to 3 months and 500 miles ago, has had a hesitation when i would take off from a stop. Monday it started to not wanting to idle very well, I drove it to work and back, about 10 miles total . Yesterday, in the morning, it would idle real bad, like it was missing and i had to start giving it a little gas in neutral as not to have it die. On my way home it got worse and will not idle even in park unless I give it a little gas, (the motor would shake with out giving it a little gas). When it is idling it almost sounds like its intermittently missing and when I take my foot off the gas, it shakes then dies. I plan on replacing plugs and the distributor as that's my guess. I don't think its the carburetor causing the problem and all the vacuum lines are still connected. I did an oil change 2 weeks ago and that stopped the small ticking noise the engine had. Any suggestions as of right now as I'm on a limited budget?
  3. closer pic, and i figured out which link to use in imgur. copy and paste the Direct Link.
  4. I was worried about getting the water where it shouldn't go, I'll do that. Some oil got on the exhaust manifold and it made it smoke real bad. Lesson learned. I still can't get pics to post correctly, the ctrl V did put the link on the page, but not the pic.
  5. My 1985 KC 2 wd with z24, I put oil in it last night and forgot to put the oil filler cap on, after I drove it to work (2 miles) I saw smoke coming out under the hood, and discovered my error. I was wanting to clean the engine bay anyway but now I have to. What it recommended for me to do? I want to take him to a car wash but I'm unsure of what I can't wash. I am not going to take the air filter cover as the oil is only sprayed on the top of everything. https://imgur.com/6jfsAuY
  6. Thank you, I will try that
  7. I tried to click on the post URL and nothing happened, so i just pasted it, let me know what i did wrong, and i will correct it. I will have more pics later. Tried it again, I hope it works. https://imgur.com/a/kgQT7Sd Nope.
  8. I'm the newbie to the group with one provisos post before this, I have been lurking in the group for almost 2 months and the great information I have received from this group has been awesome. I purchased this vehicle from a friend of mine's daughter, it got sandwiched and totaled in a wreck, it was brought back to life by a great local body shop. He sat in her dads barn for a year and she decided she wanted something newer, crying the whole time being sad she was selling him (she named him Diego) and happy i was buying him as she knew i wouldn't trash him. I'm in the process of a total restore and make him an OEM show truck. I want to keep him original and working good, and have taken a lot of advice from all posters and I am very grateful to all of you. His new name is Carl Diego, I'm not much into naming vehicles, but as homage to the old owner, I have. The one cool thing about the truck as the glove box is full of old owner info (such as when and where he was bought, all the next owners and as i see, I'm owner #5. https://imgur.com/a/dSKURCc https://imgur.com/a/86eB0VO https://imgur.com/a/XpAIXBx
  9. canon3383

    sun visor clips

    I'm interested also, new to the sight, i sent an email.
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