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  1. The problem is very simple, missing bolts that attach the transmission to the engine. I don't know if replacing the bolts will fix the problem, but that's the obvious place to start. Does anyone know the sizes of the bolts that hold the engine and transmission together? My son was responsible for mating the transmission and engine; this is a great learning opportunity for him. Professionally I've been doing software quality assurance (QA) and test for mission and life critical software and understand consequences of poor QA. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the consequences of bad QA. I was lucky that the problem occurred at home.
  2. My son and I have rebuilt the mechanicals on a 1976 620 long bed and installed Beebani’s disk brake conversion. The truck drove great for a couple of hundred miles until the clutch started to drag. When the clutch was depressed a rubbing noise was heard which has diminished but has not disappeared. The throw out bearing lever was loose when the clutch was not depressed. The clutch release point was at the end of the clutch pedal travel then it moved to the start of the pedal travel. The slave cylinder is putting pressure on the throw out bearing lever. When in gear power is applied the clutch slips. The clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and clutch master cylinder are new. What could be causing my problem? I’m assuming the transmission will need to be pulled and I am not really looking forward to pulling it.
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