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  1. Thank you for your input, I really only wanted to help out and get a set of gaskets made for my project and the company is asking $5000 upfront to make the injection moulds hence why I needed payment. I guess I will save up the money myself and make a few sets and have them listed on eBay when the time comes. I have learnt an important lesson early on
  2. Ok ok this is getting messy. I will go ahead myself and get them made for my own personal use. I was only trying to help out, but I don’t have to be told twice to pull my head in.
  3. Ok everyone I have received some positive feedback on the 1/4 window seals. The company has provided some preliminary prices and seal details. They will be made using injection moulds, UV resistant and they will be shrinkage resistant as well. The only thing is the rubber will be solid not hollow like the originals. (Not sure if this will an issue) Now comes the cost. I will need a minimum of 100 pairs sold at $160 US a pair this will cover the set up cost. If we were able to sell more then I could reduce the cost accordingly to numbers. I know people might be sceptical about sending money prior to receiving the product, you could use PayPal and that way you have piece of mind with PayPal insurance. Let me know what you think. Thanks Ps I will need a better CAD copy of the seal or if someone has NOS and is willing to send to the company, I will organise a half price set for your effort
  4. Hi could you please send the scans to me at rustygate280@gmail.com i would really appreciate it
  5. I have had a response from rapid made and they require a CAD file on the seals or scaled photos i read somewhere that there this a CAD file. Can someone please send it to rustygate280@gmail.com and I will start getting some prices thanks
  6. Sorry spell check it’s rapidmade.com
  7. Hi guys I was researching options for the window seal and came across 3D printing by rapidmade.com the can do it in urethane rubber and other rubber types if this helps let me know your thoughts
  8. Can I ask will these gaskets fit my 64 V320 windows?
  9. Rusty gate


    so I started seeing what I had inside the car and found most of the missing exterior parts. I now have all the hub caps and light bezels along badges and bonnet trim plus a spare dash, glove box lid and parcel shelf extra internal and external door handles. The only thing I can’t see is the 2 mirrors for the fenders and the base for the rear seat
  10. Rusty gate


    You have a very good eye Wayne upon closer inspection you are absolutely right.
  11. Rusty gate


    Not really its in Aussie dollars so I guess it around the 900$ US and considering they are view and far between like hens teeth I’m pretty happy with the price. But ask me again in 12 months time when the bills start pilling up lol
  12. Rusty gate


    I’m going to take a heap of pics tomorrow in the daylight and start unloading all the spares that has completely filled the car.
  13. Rusty gate


    Hi everyone here’s an anomaly for you guys trying to work this out. why is the 60hp badge is under the Datsun 1200 badge on the RHS but on the left it’s towards the front of the guard with no apparent holes or repairs
  14. Rusty gate


    When I get her to my place I’ll have a look for you
  15. Rusty gate


    That has been pointed out to me couple of times. The car is in transit I get my hands on it this Thursday so I will have a closer inspection to try and work out why
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