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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. Got access to a press today and after some elbow grease got the hubs assembled. They're looking way better than before.
  2. Thanks guys, nut isn't so bad but threads in too tight for my liking. The passenger side nut is worse but threads on nicely on either hub. Hubs we're clearly put together the wrong way.
  3. Anyone know what spindle nut replacement can be used? The one on one of the spindles has seen better days.
  4. Any tips on removing the inner bearing to replace the seal without destroying the bearing? I did one hub and applied heat but damaged the bearing. I have new one ordered just want avoid destroying it if I can.
  5. Hello fellow enthusiasts, I have been tackling a bushing, ball joints, and axle rebuild on my 82 720 4wd project. I have taken apart the spindles to regrease the bearings and change seals but have no clue how to separate the hub from the disc. I have removed the disc mounting bolts and the hub won't slide off. Most videos and write ups are for 85+ 720's and the hub just slides off with the disc. On this 82 model does the hub need to be pressed out? I want to inspect the seal on the disc side and regrease everything before putting it back together. Thank you
  6. Time Left: 11 days and 8 hours

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    looking for 1982 720 in chrome finish and. LH Amber corner light. Located in Los Angeles local pickup preferred.


    Los Angeles - US

  7. Time Left: 1 hour and 47 minutes

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    Looking for 80-82 front bumper corners (2x) for a 82 720 4x4. Thanks!


    Los Angeles, CA

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