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  1. schassisowner


    i called about the wagon in harrisburg.... it was for sale about a year ago; just seems like a shady setup
  2. schassisowner

    1979 Datsun B210 Station Wagon

    ive seen one for sale near me for ages for 3500.... i dont think he will ever sell it
  3. are you still selling?
  4. schassisowner

    1984 Toyota Century (VG40)

    That is beautiful dude
  5. schassisowner

    Transmission Leaking Oil

    yes it is an 85 and yes i mean the rear seal of the transmission where the driveshaft mates to the trans. good to know, I noticed the seal on the one i picked up said 1981 on it perhaps the girl behind the counter thought i said 81.... I did fill it myself. I added enough to fill the case so i could feel a bit of fluid from the fill plug location. I opened the top plug and i cannot feel any oil in it... perhaps I just added a bit too much and there was no where else for it to go?
  6. schassisowner

    Transmission Leaking Oil

    Ok so my recently put back together 720 was chugging along great when all of a sudden it starts dumping oil out of the transmission. I pull the driveshaft and the seal does not look damaged. I went to Autozone to get a new seal and the one they gave me is probably 2mm smaller in diameter than the original seal that is in there. was there a cutoff on the 720 when they went with another transmission.... i believe mine is the same as the early hardbody trans the B trans as it is sealed at the top where the shifter goes. It can not leak oil from here as well can it?
  7. Anyone got one laying around that you removed for a weber recently? mine is so bad i barely drive my 720
  8. schassisowner

    1985 Nissan Datsun 720 pickup EAST COAST 1,250 obo

    i dont think there is..... its still a super clean truck; now that the weather is getting nice Im getting a tad motivated to work on it
  9. warrington has always been pricey... theres a 82 king cab in prospect metal in new oxford
  10. schassisowner

    stock carb's between years

    yes i realize that... but then i have to change out other aspects of the vacuum system since it has different electronics correct?
  11. schassisowner


    http://community.ratsun.net/topic/51090-1985-nissan-datsun-720-pickup-east-coast-1250-obo/ its mine, make an offer come look at it whatnot its a solid truck!
  12. schassisowner

    1985 Nissan Datsun 720 pickup EAST COAST 1,250 obo

    bump.... warmer weather is convincing me to fix it up
  13. schassisowner


    http://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/3700630347.html guys been trying to sell for awhile.. looks like a decent start i have a 720 for sale if your interested
  14. schassisowner

    stock carb's between years

    blast... i really don't wanna spend the money on an aftermarket carb, and I'm not keen on rebuilding it either
  15. schassisowner

    stock carb's between years

    correction its an 82

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