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  1. thank you for that! I will most likely upgrade to this in the future once my dream is more so a reality for this truck. For now it looks like it was the flasher units. switched to electronic ones and everything is working peachy! must be my thick skull but I forgot everything got switched to LEDs earlier on in getting my lights working. Thanks all for those who have put in on this post as it really helps
  2. I'm kinda glad this tread is still alive! Does anyone know if there will be any differences is wiring for the hardbody Ka24de if I am using a 240sx engine harness? In reference to the last bit of this as far as I have seen the stock 720 transmission is normally used but if I am not mistaken one from an 83 280ZX can be used with some minor modifications to the case basically turning it into a 720 case with the front half's being swapped from either transmission. Someone please correct me if I am wrong as I would like to know for my own setup in the future
  3. update: tried a new flasher and they are still staying lit but dimmer now? tester the 4 way unit again it it does not seem to like the new one anymore so ill go back to the old one tomorrow and see what happens. It may be a while for another update as I am moving on Thursday
  4. Thank you both for the replies! looks like I am moving towards grabbing another new flasher unit and will hope for the best!
  5. Hello all, I am having some flasher issues and at this point I have no idea what the issue could be anymore. I am not sure when this issue started at this point as I have just dealt with it as I have been in an area that the cops don't care if you use your flasher or not. but I am getting sick of it myself. The hazard flasher flashes the blinkers like normal. the regular turn signals stay on and do not flash at all just a solid light. I have replaced the hazard flasher switch on the truck with a known good one and this made no difference so I refurbed mine and put it back in. replaced the flasher relay with several new ones and they all did the same thing bei9ng that the left turn signal would flash like normal and the right one would stay on but be extremely dim. ordered a NOS original Flasher relay and the turn signal light stuck on issue remains the same across the original flashers. replaced all bulbs with new ones and am still receiving the same issue no matter with LED or Halogen bulbs Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!
  6. Time Left: 8 days and 15 hours

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    my heater core has sprung a leak am im trying to get a replacement one that is known good and not leaking


    - US

  7. Toxic2597


    Sorry for the late response fan works perfectly fine. Sprung for the new thermostat and complete cooling system flush. Everything is now peachy and staying cool even in this damn 100° florida weather. Thankfully my ac works
  8. Toxic2597


    Alright so here is the verdict. I changed the thermostat and flushed the cooling system and the issue still arises. Now I'm looking at the fan. It seems to run but I haven't been able to get out and look at it while driving, I'm gonna do some test at home. But the fan is hooked directly to the battery. Power side as follows battery terminal, in line fuse, relay, fan. I'm not sure what the relay is connected to just yet but I will follow up. no the hoses are not looped together
  9. Toxic2597


    Ok so today after I got home from work I checked again just to see if the lower hose was hot and it was. I also was not having any issues with it cooling so I'm a bit concerned. When it does overheat at idle it's usually at a light that I'm sitting at for too long and then I end up shutting her off then starting her back up when I need to go or if the timing is right I'll keep her on and get up to speed then coast at 45mph and wheelie I'm coasting it takes a solid 10 or 20 seconds for it to start to cool down. It likes to stay cold when it wants to. What to do?
  10. Toxic2597


    So for about a month now my 85 720 kc has been overheating at idle to the point that it spits out the overflow and cap and I'm getting tired of it. When the engine is hot the upper radiator hose is hot but the lower is cold. I'm gonna check the thermostat tomorrow but if that's not the issue what else could this be? I should also mention that I'm running an electric fan not the stock belt driven one
  11. Time Left: 8 days and 7 hours

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    I'm looking for a blue dashboard with no cracks in it. Willing to pay for shipping ect.


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