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  1. I have the station wagon f10, I would be interested in photos and prices on all of it. My direct email is fkunger@yahoo.com
  2. thanks I sent him a message, anybody know him or close to put eyes on it? id buy the whole thing
  3. Here is the rest of the story, back in 1985 i was getting deployed and need a car for my future wife. i bought my first F10 off a buddy who was going with me. taught my wife how to drive it the day before i left being a 4 speed. came back 9 months later and the brakes and clutch were shot. fix it up and used the car for the next two years. drove it all over So Cal and even to Las Vegas. had to use 2nd gear to over the mountains. eventually sold it off for something bigger and better. I started looking for one a few years ago and realized how hard the are to find. probably the ugliest car out there and being imported only two years. i found this one on ebay with a buy it now and jumped on it. paid too much but who cares. it didn't run when i got it. I found and replaced the carburetor with a new old stock one from japan, and completely rebuilt the clutch system, tuned up and oil change. it runs like a champ just like i remember. what i like the most is the under hood compartment is all original never been messed with. this is the rarer F10 with Air Conditioning. the battery was removed to the rear. the front interior is shot carpet and seats, door panels ok the middle or back seat is in excellent shape. the rear is ok the plastic side panels a so brittle they break when touched. has newer CV joints. some rust on the body but floor pans are good. my plans are to enjoy it as it is fix the little things that i can. i drive it every weekend to the grocery store. 20 mil. its a blast. need front hood trim and any interior parts that are out there. I am willing to buy a whole car if the price is right. shipping not a problem. its funny to me that i like this car so much considering my other two cars are a 2017 hellcat charger and a 2016 hellcat challenger. thanks for listening. i added a picture of the car to my profile, i don't know how to add pictures here
  4. I am a new owner of a 1978 Datsun F10. I had one back in 1985 and loved it. i recently purchased one and got it running. i love it. however i am looking for parts. it needs a new windshield and most of the side window weather striping is hard and crumbles to the touch. is there any parts suppliers out here? what other datsuns might share the same parts? thanks for any help
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