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  1. Time Left: 10 days and 4 hours

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    1977 620 chassis King pin front end Located in North Los Angeles County


    , California - US

  2. I have a 77 L20b located in SoCal
  3. i have a tank from a 77 620 located in So Cal
  4. Cant PM you. You have any motor mounts available?
  5. I would check the carrier bearing on the drive line
  6. I have a motor, it would just take me a few weeks to be able to pull it and get it ready for you. Are you looking for absolutely complete? I am located in LA County so close to you as well.
  7. All situations are possible. I'll just be happy to have overdrive. You dont happen to have gear ratios for this trans handy do you?
  8. The seller says it's out of an 82 720. I'll check my 4 speed to see where the reverse switch is. I'll probably go pick it up after the Eaglerock meet if I dont find a transmission there. Thank you.
  9. I just picked up a 77 620 parts truck that has an automatic in it. I could probably yank it this Saturday if you need it. Ninja edit. I see you are in San Gabriel. I'm in SoCal and will be heading to the Eaglerock show Sunday, I could meet you there.
  10. Been on the search for a 5 speed to put in my 77 620, which currently has an L20 and 4 speed combo. I came across an ad for a complete 1982 z24 and 5 speed transmission for sale for a decent price. I've been trying to find info about using this trans and this quote below from datzenmike was good info. If I'm reading this correctly you use the L20 bell housing from a 5 speed on the napZ trans to correct the lean angle. Can I assume I can also use the bell housing from a 4 speed as well? Thanks. "The KA or the Z series transmission will physically bolt to an L series motor BUT it will be rotated about 20 degrees to the right with the shifter in the passenger side seat. the rear transmission mount will also be tilted and not bolt up. Not a good idea. You can take the front case half off an L series FS5W71B and swap it onto the KA or Z series transmission and this will 'convert' it for use on an L series motor. Keep in mind the the transmission doesn't care what clutch you use. It has no effect what ever on the transmission. The clutch used it totally dependent on what flywheel you have. Car L20B use 200mm bolt pattern while trucks use 225mm. The flywheels look the same it's just the pressure plate mounting bolt pattern that is different."
  11. Looking for a 5 speed if anyone has one
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