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  1. Thanks, but I decided to go with datzenmike and trim my console. As far as the gauges in the glove box, it was going to be just one gauge, a wide band. I thought the digital look of that gauge would take away from the classic look of the interior. I have since changed my mind, and decided no gauge. And may put the stereo in the glove box. I took some pictures of the console and the knobs of the a/c controls. I would have taken better picks but tonight I found a wire behind the cluster completely melted and without its sheath sparking against the dash framing. SCARY!! So the cluster is hanging out and looks horrible. Didn't want to show that off. How do I add a picture?!? Just googled ARA, and yes that's exactly what I have.
  2. I decided to keep the original 4 speed. So my only option is to keep ac or find a short console and the shelf under the glove box. How rare is that ac unit? I should have it back tomorrow!!🤞
  3. Ok so first I need to find a short console, then decide if I want to keep that ac panel.
  4. I had another 73 620 4 speed with the center console already installed by the previous owner. so I was surprised when this one didn't work. I guess the main point of my question was has anybody else ran into this and how did they do it.
  5. Thanks again for the info datzenmike. As for trimming the console I think if I do, it would have to be so much that a radio would no longer fit. As for gauges on either side of the coulmn. I'm trying to keep the interior as stock looking as possible. The newer radio face will be covered by the Datsun delete plate that coves with the console
  6. So the truck is at the tranny shop now getting a new clutch installed. I had a five speed sitting in my garage for years waiting for the clutch to go out so I could swap them, but the tranny guy ( giggity) says the 5 speed I have is 5-6 inches longer than the stock 4 speed and that the tans mounts don't line up. As far as the shifter they are different. The 5 speed uses a plastic bushing and pin set up, where as the 4 speed does not. I can't get pictures until it gets back.
  7. I do have a bench with the cut out. My truck also has the dealer installed a/c control unit. I've taken out the a/c control unit thinking I could move the console further back on the tranny hump, but the heater core is the problem.
  8. So I have a 73 620 with the factory 4 speed, and a buddy of mine gave me a center console from what I assume was a 5 speed truck. The problem I'm having is if I try to install it I can't shift into 1 or 3. Is there any options for using the console with the 4 speed? The only thing I can think of is to heat the stick and bend it. I would like to use the console to put the stereo in, can't use glove box, that's where the gauges go. Is there a 4 speed compatible console?
  9. Datzenmike thank you for the slap of reality. As soon as I read your post I said F*#& COUNTER CLOCKWISE!!! It's alive!! Thanks for the no bullshit response!!!
  10. dat620_73

    Distributor help!!

    I have a 73 620 that I'm finally getting around to fixing. I wanted to get rid of the dual point dist. for a single point distributor; to ultimately end up with a pertronix. So I called my parts house and got a dist from a 74. Used my existing dist pedestal and when I installed it the vac advance hits the thermostat housing, so I turn it 180 now vac points the correct way, but you guessed it.. it won't start. I am getting spark. But when I try to get tdc the rotor points towards the 11 o'clock position, not the 5 o'clock position with the old dist. Hell I'm confusing myself now. Please help!!
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