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  1. I have one if you're still looking. PM sent.
  2. Purchased a steering column boot from the eBay supplier. When it arrived, I discovered it was the wrong boot. It's directly opposite of what's needed and appears to be molded RHD, not LHD. I should have noticed in the posted pictures... but... So, I'm back to square one. Has anyone found a working solution to seal the steering column at the firewall on a LHD 620?
  3. All of the firewall rubber grommets are rotted and cracked on my 620. Has anyone found a trusted source for good grommets for your trucks? Does the 620 share the same size grommets as the Z cars? Wiper Acc Cable Speedo Cable Harness Steering Column Thanks!
  4. Duralast vapor canister part #VC4180 is listed as a direct canister replacement for the Datsun 720, and might be a good option for the 620. Although it's a bit spendy (Autozone). Also see Standard Motor Products #CP3051 and WVE/Airtex/Wells #4B1257. You can find these listed on RockAuto under 720 model years 1981 and up. But these all would be associated with the Z motors. I'm not sure if the vacuum draw from the L motors would operate the valve properly, and would look to some others for help on this one. I can't imagine the vacuum draw would be much different bet
  5. L20B doesn't have a crankcase port available for the fuel evaporation line. It only has the PCV breather port. Two options: 1) Cap the fuel vapor line in the engine bay and use a vented gas cap. 2) Run a charcoal canister. The fuel evaporation line will run into the canister. The purge valve draw ports will then route to the intake (one will 'T' into the distributor vacuum advance line and the other will draw from an available port in the intake manifold).
  6. I just recently picked up a K660 kit from Carbs Unlimited with free shipping. They also have a full supply of parts and jets. http://www.carburetion.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?Part=K660 True Spain Weber, and it appears they'll price match other true Spain Weber prices.
  7. Yes, my 1974 has the flow guide valve. But it's also had an L20B engine swap so the additional crankcase port is not available. Looks like I'll have to get a charcoal canister or vent to atmosphere. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Helpful, thank you. So I assume the described solution would replace the existing Flow Guide valve? The stock diagram indicates that the lower flow guide valve port should be connected to the crankcase, and the upper flow guide port should be connected to the air filter. http://datsun1200.com/modules/myalbum/photo.php?lid=7798 I do not see a way to connect the lower flow guide valve port to the crankcase or PCV line on the L20B. Does this diagram represent only the L16 and L18? I think I've seen small 1/4" port outlets on the L16 crankcase bre
  9. Has anyone found a good solution for the two fuel tank evaporation vacuum lines when using a Weber DGV (fuel evaporation ports located on inner left fender below brake master)? My truck has an l20b swap, but retained the '74 manifolds. The intake manifold has the EGR removed and the EGR mount capped, and has PCV port and single vacuum port. The intake single vacuum port has too much vacuum for the fuel evaporation lines.
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