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  1. Which zx coilover sleeves are these and how much were they? Also will the top hat that comes with them bolt in to a b210? It looks as though you got smaller diameter springs aswell with this setup? I just recently pick and pulled some 280zx struts and brakes and want to do a coilover setup with them just wanting to know exactly how to go about it
  2. Awesome! Thanks guys! And yes I had read the US b210 models were the only ones that were pretty comparable with 510 parts. Odd that the 120ys are so different. Did they market the 510’s in Australia too?
  3. Techno tuning offers quite a bit of performance end parts for datsun 510’s , wondering if these will fit as a direct bolt on or if motivations would be needed? Have seen lots of mixed info as far as what fits on a b210. Seems like most parts for 510’s work directly with the b-210? Am I wrong on this? Mostly interested in front suspension parts at the mean time. As well as front sway bars
  4. Yes good know. And yes these are very cheap coil overs aha but may be a short term option aswell. Like I said 280zx struts are what I’m hoping to swap in. As far as those go is it pretty much a bolt in set up?
  5. http:// would something along the the lines of these adjustable coil over sleeves work aswell on the stock struts? Just trying to get an idea of all my options
  6. Alright, I’ll let you know once I decide to go for it. Considering it’s a cheap lowering method I should be able to get to it quick? Just gotta wait for the lugs and then decide how much I want the front to come down. I’ll most likely go for cutting the perch for the mean time and will also look into fitting 280zx struts eventually. Thanks again
  7. Also for the split collar do you happen to know the inside diameter in order to fit around the strut?
  8. Awesome ? very helpful! Pictures helped a lot aswell! I will be doing this once my lugs arrive and the wheels are mounted. Seems easy enough. Seems like it wouldn’t hurt to leave the old weld there just as a safety measure either? Since my clamp will most likely be up above that area anyways. Also I should cut my springs a bit aswell to stiffen they and avoid bottoming out or will replacing the struts with the motorcycle fork fluid do the trick? Oh and as as far as adjustable camber plates go, will stock struts work with these? If so what’s a good brand to purchase?
  9. http://http:// ahhh ok so just like in these pictures. And I think I had the right idea as the perch seating the spring will be free floating and allow you to slip the split collar underneath it allowing you to lower the front. Right idea? If so this seems very simple and a lot safer then just cutting your spring aha
  10. Ok cool, and the bottom of the spring rests right on top of the split collar then? Or do you just cut the spring seat loose from the strut so it’s free along the strut then add the split collar below that to have adjustment? Sorry I’m not very familiar with suspension and still researching. It does sound like the 280zx struts are the way to go though if I can make them fit with a bit of grinding down the calibers
  11. Yeah was going to look into that aswell before turning it away. Especially since the backs of the MK2’s are pretty good as far as clearance goes. The 280zx struts would allow a lot better lowering capabilities correct?
  12. Cool appreciate that. As far as split collars go is there a specific style I should be getting? Something that will secure the spring into place better? Or to you weld the collar onto the slit collar to seat the spring properly? Pictures of this would be awesome both before and after if possible. I agree that once I’ve got my desired ride height I can’t see myself needed to adjust it again. And yes blocks seem to be the best bet as far as lowering the rear. How about straightening the leafs ? Have read a bit about that aswell and it seems to also thrower the rear a bit and give stiffness
  13. http:// http:// ideally would like to have it sitting like this. Obviously not going for any sort of performance at that point.. however what would be the best way to achieve this. I’ve seen there’s ways to cut the strut perch and shorten it. Cutting springs if done the right way can work, and I’ve also been looking into lower control coil overs just not sure how they will work on the datto. Looks as though you can weld them to stock struts or thread them onto upgraded KYB or koni aswell. Have also been interested in the 280zx struts however they don’t allow many 13” wheels to
  14. Awesome thanks guys. Was kind of my thought to just replace what I can while I have the car up and suspension pulled . Does sound like the idler arm is my main goal to get replaced though. As far as all the bushings and joints most the rubbers are all in rough shape from weathering and age. They all look dry and cracked so I’d definitely like to replace all that. May be able to clean/refurbish and reuse other parts depending on they’re conditions
  15. Yeah definitely don’t want to have my steering lock up on me. Going to order up / replace all the front suspension parts needed and upgrade where possible . Struts ect.. but thankfully all the us b-210’s came with the more beefy suspension already. Whatever I can’t replcae I plan on cleaning up and refinishing . If I’m still unhappy with the wheel play I will look into adjusting the steering box. On another note. My tires and special Mk2 shank lugs should be arriving this week! Aswell as wheel locks to keep em safe! Can’t wait to get em mounted ? will upload photos later th
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