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  1. Ok, so I took the gas cap off and tried again... before, no fuel was even getting pulled into the fuel filter... now with the cap off, fuel is getting pulled into the filter but none is coming out of the output of the pump... guess it’s time to take it off and try to pump by hand?? Just seems weird that it could pull the fuel to the filter but then just stop up in the pump... what does removing the gas cap do that allowed it to pull the gas? Do I maybe have a vent clogged?
  2. I’ll try taking the gas cap off. I cranked it for like 30 seconds in 10 second intervals. I don’t know what the stock type filter is like but I’ll try to source one. thanks
  3. Fuel line re-route. Thought I read somewhere that these fuel filters need to be horizontal, so I rerouted like this to eliminate that as a factor.
  4. No fuel pumping tho
  5. Old pump with arm broken inside
  6. Filed down... no more burrs
  7. Ok, so first I filed the eccentric down smooth. I got the new airtex pump installed with the spacer. The previous new pump arm snapped off clean and didn’t leave any parts in my timing chain section that I couldn’t retrieve. This new pump has the inlet and outlet in different directions so I had to route my gas line a little different than it was. Tried to start it and nothing. Check the pump outlet and nothing is pumping out. Super confused. Guess I’ll pull the valve cover again and see if anything has changed since trying to start it... idk why this
  8. Ordered. Thank you.
  9. Dang, you wouldn’t happen to have one I could buy off you would you? tried ordering but says it can’t ship to my address in CA. gives me like 15 reasons why it might not be able to, but no definitive answer to why. Hmm.
  10. The first one just stopped pumping and that is the one in the pic I posted... The second one fell apart and looked like the pump in the upper-most picture you posted.(with the bolts holding it together). Is there somewhere that sells hitachi ones?
  11. Here is the arm comparisons... apparently the arm didn’t just come disconnected, but snapped in half... the new, broker arm is on top of the old one.
  12. Pretty sure it wasn’t original.
  13. I understand that, I was saying that because someone said that it might be loose if I removed the head at some point. And this is a new pump. ok so I just went over to the truck (across town where it broke down) and pulled the valve cover. The fuel pump arm came completely disconnected and fell down by the timing chain. The spring too. I’m gonna go over with a retractable magnet and fish them out. Wondering what may have caused this? I’ll have to compare the arms, and maybe just use the arm off my old pump. Do you think the gouge in the eccentric could have pushed the arm a
  14. The spacer is there. I’m not sure that the arm came off, I was just speculating since I don’t have fuel pumping again.. I did compare them, but prob not careful enough. I know the arms didn’t have identical shapes but seemed to end up in the same location as far as the eccentric goes. When I get off work today I’m gonna pull the valve cover and check it out. Thanks again
  15. Thanks everyone for your help. So I figured out my issue was that the pump arm was not sitting on the eccentric, but below it. From turning it over so many times, the arm kinda gouged the eccentric, but not too bad. I hooked it back up and it started up and ran no problem. THEN, while driving to work, I suddenly lost power and bogged down. I pulled the hose off the pump outlet and turned the motor over and no fuel pumped out. Is it possible the arm slipped off somehow? I never took the head off so i don’t think the eccentric is loose and my fuel looks super clean in my fuel filter (I have o
  16. I did the same thing with the new pump installed: attached a hose to the pump inlet and fed into a water bottle of gas... still not pulling any fuel tho.
  17. Hey guys, I’m sure this is covered somewhere and I’ve researched a bunch, just nothing that is solving my issue. I have an L16 in 521 and a couple days ago the idle seemed a tad rough, then it wouldn’t start after shutting it off. I narrowed it down to fuel. I connected a fuel line to pump inlet and the other end was put into a gas can. Turned it over and no gas coming out of pump outlet. So, I replaced the pump and cleaned the fuel filter (which wasn’t too bad). Then I blew high pressure air backwards thru the line and heard it bubbling in the tank so no clogs there. I’ve been t
  18. Ok, so now that I am getting back to this, I’ve already gone and drilled 1/8” holes in the t-stat... 4 of them! Dang it. Now I’m reading this and it seems that’s not the right move. I think I’m just going to hunt down an L20 housing and go that route. I’m sure I could drill and tap a hole in the side of mine if I can’t find one, too. The only problem I should be experiencing from all these holes now is a slow warm up, right? My coolant gauge on my cluster doesn’t seem to work very great. The farthest I’ve seen it come up was maybe a 1/4 - 3/8” and its intermittent. Most the time it’s all the w
  19. That’s great, thanks a lot! Gonna pull it out and drill some holes!
  20. No I wasn’t having issues. I’m not sure what a jiggle valve is but if it’s like a little tiny piece of loose copper, than yea, pretty sure. What’s that for to let some go by?
  21. So this is just normal? Should I let it warm up longer?
  22. I have a 521 with a stock L16. So I just flushed my radiator and engine and put a new thermostat in. The thermostat I pulled out was a 160 degree and I put a 180 in as this is what my manual said it calls for. After putting it in, I was noticing there was no flow looking down into the radiator, even after letting it heat up for like 10 min. So I pulled the thermostat out and tried again without it. This time it was flowing, so in my head, that meant the thermostat was the culprit. So I went to buy a new one, this time a better quality one (I hope at least, it was 11 bucks). Put it in, sam
  23. Ahhhh I’m a dumbass... I was reading the feeler gauges wrong. Was reading in my book and it said to gap them at .20mm and .24mm... I was using the gauge by the inch measurement. Thanks guys!
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