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  1. Do you know if this is a stock bench or out of something else?
  2. Windshield gaskets with chrome trim, anyone know where to get one? I’m assuming these are complete unobtainium.
  3. Ahhh, drag... well good thing I didn’t buy them yet, I kinda had the guy dig them up tho, so it would definitely help if you bought them haha either way tho, no biggie, I appreciate your help.
  4. Ok wayno, I got a hook on the lower mounts and am about to have them shipped along with new shocks (once I figure which ones I need). My concern is this that your truck has the upper mounts in different locations than mine. Will this setup work with stock upper mounts being located so far inward?
  5. Cool, got the sender ordered, will be here tomorrow, thanks guys! Got another question now... when I was changing my clutch space cylinder, I noticed these wires hanging down near my tranny mount. They were coming from the passenger side and seemed to be heading over the tranny... anyone know what they could be for? also, if my side marker lights have the wires torn from them, is there a way to reconnect or do I just need new side markers now? Thanks again!
  6. This sounds like a much better way to go than blocks, I’m gonna have to look into your setup, thanks for sharing...
  7. Ok, so the guys at the parts store can’t tell what threads they have on theirs, is there a way to tell besides just threading it in and being careful if it starts feeling like it’s not lining up? Maybe some knows a part number that for sure works and is in stock usually? I’ll do some more research if I get time...
  8. Man, been going thru little fixes nearly every other time I go for a spin! Lol nothing too bad. Clutch slave cylinder went out, had to change that; thanks to wayno for posting the best way to set the adjustment screw, really made it easy! Also, back when I had a 510, I really liked the wink mirror that I had, so i put one in. Since I can’t see out of my side mirror, the wink really makes me feel more aware of other cars while driving... I kinda offset the mirror too, to favor the driver side and help me see in my left hand blind spot better... Oh yea, I also covered the mess on the bench with a serape blanket... gotta do all those cheap mods for now, don’t have a ton of time or money to throw at this right now, but damn I’m having a good time cruising thru my lil beach town! next up is getting rid of this oil leak. I’ve narrowed it down pretty much (Im praying) to the oil pressure sensor. Do these usually leak from the unit itself or the threads into the block? Like do I just need to remove this and seal the threads better and put back or do I need to get a whole new sensor? I remember reading somewhere on here too about some years using BPT instead of NPT...
  9. Cool, thanks for the help guys, nobody had that in stock anyways so I ordered the part and will be here Tuesday... guess I’ll be biking to work for a couple days lol
  10. Does this mean you don’t recommend buying from some somewhere like O’Reilly, or is this pretty much the same? I’d really like to go pick it up today and get this back in the road... In the pic it doesn’t have the adjustable shaft either, that should be ok?
  11. Also, most the ones I’ve been seeing pictures don’t have little raised part to hold the return spring, is that ok?
  12. Clutch slave seal failed and leaked out all my fluid from the boot... been researching and finding that the aftermarket ones fail often as well. I pretty much red this fixed ASAP... Does Nissan still stock these and if so, does anyone have a part number? Or maybe is there a rebuild kit? Does anyone have any luck with the aftermarket ones from say, O’Reilly? Part number for that? (Looked on their site and there was 400+ options??) is there anything I may run into that I may be overlooking? Sorry if this is already answered somewhere, I tried searching but am in a mega time crunch... thanks
  13. Nice! Thanks Wayno, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a set! Is it only early wagons?
  14. Thanks guys, yea it’s a 72 and it has some trim pieces on it that are aftermarket but I kinda dig them for their uniqueness. And yea the blue high beams aren’t my favorite, but it doesn’t bother too much, might go clear or even amber, idk. Has 4 inches of lower blocks stuffed out back and puts the lower shock mounts below bottom of the rim, which wasn’t fun when I had a rear tire blow out and had my rear suspension dragging and twisting up... going to take the 1 Inch blocks out and leave the 3 inch ones in, that should get the mounts above the wheel line I hope. I also have an oil leak that I’m praying isn’t the rear main seal, but I feel like it is... hopefully just the pan gasket near the tranny. Thanks for all the kind words, y’all should be hearing from me a lot, I have a lot of questions bouncing round in my head haha
  15. Just wanted to say what’s up, my name is Terrence and i live in Redondo Beach, just outside LA. I just picked up my first 521 and so far am loving it. I’ve owned a couple of Datsun 510’s when I first got out of high school around 02. Before I bought this, I was thinking I’d do a KA swap, but I’m pretty sure my love for the L-series and a carburetor isnt going to let that happen. Anyways, it’s not perfect, but it runs damn good and has been taken care of. I pretty much just keep it close to where it’s at, maybe some whitewalls, and rear bumperettes and of course fix all the lights and interior. Anyways, what’s up! ✌
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