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  1. I was recommended by the auto parts guy to get it home, and disassemble myself, wire brushing and painting the brake drums, I have a tombstone welder so I can fill and grind to make holes smaller if needed. I couldn't tell too much about hardware holes from the photos, maybe someone sees something
  2. Great to know, and yes, they're certainly uncomfortable especially since the fabric is shredded and foam has tears.. and thanks, I'll have to look for a neon or something else for new ones. I have been down to the shop, took pictures and spoke to them.. the backing plates are not Swiss cheese (like I presumed from speaking with them) or banged up around the sides from where they're not covered by the drums, "the plates hardware mounting holes are rusted where new parts won't work," the holes have gotten oversized maybe from rust. Don't know about embedding photos on here, but here's a link of a Google photos album https://photos.app.goo.gl/wx9qVx36vtnYvM868 Both sides are there, btw I got the Haynes manual on this truck at advance auto for $7 which I thought was a great deal if anyone else needs one (also, order things online and select in store pickup for 20% off)
  3. Very good to know, I realized to look out for those details when buying the wheel cylinders for my '82. Different parts, one size for production -12/81, one for 82 on (I believe, one 5/8" and one 9/16). I'll try to salvage the current backing plates if at all possible.
  4. Thanks datzenmike, I'll see if I can do this, unsure of the deterioration, I have it in a shop, and will be there tomorrow. Yeah, it's certainly a rare truck around here. I've called around a bit and found zero. There is one Datsun 720 on Cleveland CL for 8500, and it seems like a barn find. (And overpriced, or I got a bargain @500) Mine had a ratchet straps holding up the gas tank, a patch on the frame, leaks in the exhaust, shredded original bucket seats (which I think should be a bench seat for the KC normally?), and a bullet hole thru the driver's door. Lol, however it's a blast to drive and it runs like a champ. Caution about the proper antifreeze mixture for temp outside, I'm also replacing my radiator, because the polar vortex turned my coolant a slushy, luckily I noticed temp was a lil high, I turned around to my driveway without any overheating, but the overflow hose was frozen and my rad sprung a leak.
  5. Hi all, new to the community, I found myself a 82 Datsun 720 King cab with 112k miles in Ohio, needs some work, but cheap CL find. I bought rotors and pads, and drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, spring hardware. Cannot find brake backing plates for this truck, the current ones are pretty rusty. Any suggestions on where I can find some new or used ones? The shop I use can't find any, I've searched online, I saw some 280z backing plates on eBay that look close but have no idea if they'd work. Any help appreciated, thanks
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