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  1. Thank you so mush for you advice. Where are located.
  2. Yes Im with you. Job must be 100% done.
  3. Yes I know but. I being all over and close by i have not being able to find the a good air injection pipe or manifold with the pipe in ok working conditions. All i find its missing part of the AIP eating away by rust. IF you know any body that have in ok condition exhaust manifold with the AIP. Ill would love to buy it. Thank you
  4. I can do the work no problem. I jest never done it before and like to hear opinion from you guys that have done it. Thank you
  5. Yes I know That is why I want to swamp because I can not find the air injection pipes for it. So If im going to spend money on it. Mines well do a legit swap. Thank you Ill start Looking.
  6. Thank you I will check all options that I can fine.
  7. Hi guys Have a 78 620 and i would like to do an engine swap to a smog legal fuel injection. I would like for any one to give me and Idea of what engine I could use or if there is a kit that I could buy some place. Thank you for reading this and in advance thank you for your help.
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