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  1. Earlier this year, I posted some parts for sale in the classifieds as I was on a furlough. Those parts are still available and I was able to dig up more from the garage. Due to the unfortunate setback, that being the furlough, and no serious offers made to my original post, I had to withdraw funds from certain accounts to stay afloat. Fast forward to now, I've been dating a lovely lady that as taken precedence over my hobbies (I knew it was going to happen one day). That being said, all sales will be going toward an engagement ring. I keep telling myself that what I'm doing is for
  2. Time Left: 3 days and 8 hours

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    These are parts that I've collected for many years, hoping to use them one day. However, the government shutdown has put me out of work, which unfortunately puts me into a position where I have to fall back on other ways to make rent and pay bills... Parts For Sale: Factory 510 Tachometer (I have two) SU Carburetor Front Grilles (I have three) Headlight Bezels JDM Fender Mirrors Mikuni 44 PHH (never seen gas; purchased from Wolf Creek Racing) Miscellaneous Trim Finned Brake Drums If you are interested or have any questions regarding a part, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for looking.


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