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  1. Well, I figured it out. One of my buddies working with me forgot to mention that he changed the firing order up. I feel dumb for not having checked that first thing the other day, but it runs and thats what matters.Truck turned right on as soon as that was swapped back. The blowby is the next thing on the list but perhaps thats a topic for another day. Thank you all for your input and advice!
  2. Everything's tightened to spec
  3. Its an electric choke, but I havent hooked the wire on it yet. Its currently able to be opened and closed easily
  4. No plug wires removed. Rocker was replaced. Weber new out the box, from redline.
  5. Forgot to mention, its a 1974 chassis, with an l20b and 5 speed swapped into it. Ran rough from when I bought it (burned oil, turns out it was missing a rocker arm). Only drove it that one time to get it home and since then its been sitting until I can determine if it can be safely driven with minimal negative damages
  6. Hows it going Ratsun family, been a member on the site for a year since I've bought my 620 last February. Since I've had it, I've only been able to work on it a few weeks out the year (thanks military). Recently installed a weber carb and since then it doesn't even start. It had the stock carb in place but also ran very roughly. Figured I could do 2 birds one stone on that one, but that wasn't the case. The engine cranks but won't start, fuel is pumping, spark is present, but no combustion. Attempting to crank the engine over results in the carb blowing air and a bit of fuel out the barrels onto the hood. First vehicle I've ever decided to work on from the ground up as a learning experience. Zero experience with carburetors, zero experience as a legit mechanic (I've fixed simple things on my bmw z4 up to control arms and bushing reppacements) and wanted to learn through trial and error with old school cars and trucks. Any and all help and advice would be appreciated. Given by how this forum is, im completely ready for a roast session too.
  7. Vriske

    '74 Cactus Green

    This is the dream right here 😍
  8. Mine is, judging from the deep backstories here, not sentimental at all. I was in middle school and a friend suggested me an off the wall comic book series (if i could even call it that) and in it was a character named Vriska. She revolved around a spider theme and that of someone you would never bring to mom and pop...ever, everything a prepubescent kid wants. Named a game account to Vriske since i didnt want to label my 10 year strong account with a females name. Stuck with it since!
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