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  1. Thank you for the reply very useful information. It's a shame non of you live in South Africa it would be alot easier to show you the car. First thing is suspension, I will also replace the rear drums for disks.
  2. I am sorry I cannot comment on the handling before the V8. The front brakes have been upgraded to bigger disks and calipers from a BMW. The suspension as far as I can tell is still stock. What would be the first thing I should check?
  3. Hi guys. I have a 510 with a lexus 1UZ V8, my datsun doesn't handle so well. Round about 100km/h it starts floating around the road (thats the best description I can think of), does the position of the engine play a role in handling? I was told my engine is to far forward over the front axle. I would say the center line of the front axle is in line between cylinder 2 & 3. Maybe the engine is just to heavy?
  4. Stephen22

    Seat Belts

    My 510 was a semi race car so had a roll cage and 4 point harnesses that were fastened to the cage. I am now reversing that process and trying to fit after market seat belts. I need to bolt the top part to the upright between the doors but there seems to be no bolt holes. Where was the original seat belts connected to?
  5. Stephen22

    Poor braking

    So an update. The Datsun is a RHD, I check the levels on the master cylinders with difficult but its possible. I got a remote brake booster from a BMW 3 series its nice an compact cost me 2000 rand which is about 120USD it was an overhauled unit. The booster is only connected to the front brakes and now works really well. The foot pedal travels a bit to far but I think I just need to do some adjustments. I installed the booster in the passenger side foot well because there is no space in the engine bay. The photo was taken with the vacuum hose off because I was still trying to find the right hose. I still have not found the correct type of hose, for now I am using a garden hose but I am not showing a photo of that. This is a photo of the engine bay.
  6. Stephen22

    What Diff??

    I removed my diff that was welded. Can anyone tell me what diff this one is? I thought it was the same as the ones in the photos above but its slightly different.
  7. Stephen22

    Poor braking

    You 100% right it needs a bias bar. I am not sure how to improve the pivot point there is not much space.
  8. Stephen22

    Poor braking

    Thanks for the replys. The clutch pedal is no problem that easy to push. I did not do the modification I bought the Datsun like this. I am trying to make it better. Is it normal not to have a brake booster?
  9. Stephen22

    Poor braking

    I think its best to post some photos.
  10. Stephen22

    Poor braking

    Sorry I must add that I have two master cylinders both 3/4 one for front one for back drums. This issue with the hard pedal and poor stopping has always been like this since the brake modification. The Rotors and calipers are both BMW.
  11. Stephen22

    Poor braking

    Hi guys I am in need of help. My 72 510 has BMW disks up front and standard drums at the back. The master cylinders are 3/4''. There is no brake booster very basic system. When I push the brake pedal the pedal is very hard and hardly moves however I can push as hard as I can the brakes do not lock they brake very poorly. Do I need to install a brake booster, installing a brake booster will be very difficult because my engine bay is really full I have no space, the V8 takes up alot of room.
  12. Stephen22

    What Diff??

    Thanks guys. I am going to fit this diff back, the welded diff is terrible. I just hope it lasts.
  13. Stephen22

    What Diff??

    Thanks. My current diff is welded and I really do not enjoy it. So I will replace it with this diff and see how it goes.
  14. Stephen22

    What Diff??

    Hi guys, with my Datsun 510 the guy gave me a diff. Can you please help me identify this diff??
  15. Thank you Spriso but getting it to SA will take forever and expensive.
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