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    I have two parts trucks: '81 Datsun 4x4, no transmission. Axles, driveshafts, differentials, transfer case, engine (obviously needs rebuilt) and all parts, Weber 32/36 manual choke. Hood is fairly straight, and has the two vents along the sides. I may keep that for my own truck '83 2wd, better engine but not in a state to currently run but has all parts, has trans, mostly stripped interior already. Truck has been painted with bedliner for some reason, was blue


    Roseburg, OR

  2. Cicli, shoot me a text: 8582050861
  3. Damn, ok. I’ll take a look tomorrow. I appreciate the info. I think the Haynes is lacking in info...
  4. Also, could I swap the end adapters if the lengths are different? How would I overcome the difference? Would I need to get the prop shaft lengthened/shortened?
  5. Thanks for the info! I was worried about having a married transfer case. I don’t do serious off road or crawling. More for snow and light off road
  6. I just lost 5th and reverse today in my 5-speed. How do I identify which tranny I have? I have two parts trucks, both with 5 speeds, one 2wd, one 4wd. I would prefer to use the 2wd trans, if possible to just swap the adapter and transfer case. Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated in this. I was going to have a work mech pull the trans tonight or tomorrow night after work, and install this weekend ) if the other 4 gears hold up and I don't grenade the tranny).
  7. Brown console is missing the boot, otherwise in decent shape
  8. Coclidevotion, give me a few days, I know where one is, just waiting for the yard to say it’s being parted out
  9. Red one sold. Gf wouldn’t let me pick it up
  10. Looking at picking up an 83 4x4 parts truck. What would anyone need of this truck? Comes with an extra trans too.
  11. That’s the thing, it doesn’t really cut in and out. Typically goes out when it rains. Makes sense now though because I just found where water was getting into the interior: blower motor in passenger footwell.
  12. Fused wire from battery to switch, to pump. The wire is easy to trace because it wasn’t routed well at all. Is the relay by the fuse panel there?
  13. Will do. Also: fuel pump has a sheisty wire and toggle switch to turn it on. It runs mostly without using the switch; occasionally not pumping, which then requires using the switch. Ground issue or failing pump?
  14. I'll post it tomorrow (how the hell do I add pictures???) when doing electric fan.
  15. Also, just welded a new exhaust up at work for it last weekend, no cat, and cherry bomb turbo muffler. Better than the garbage it came with: flexi pipe into a street bike muffler poking out beside the cab... don't care for the paceman header, but I can't find a manifold at the wrecking yard. Used a smoke machine for vacuum, will spray starting fluid and some seafoam next fill up
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