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  1. Benzfixen


    Let me do some shipping cost searching and I will go from there
  2. Benzfixen


    I've got a L18 motor and trans from a 1974 620 if anyone needs it it was rebuilt and ran for break in about 20 years ago and sat ever since I did make it run but would would personally g through all the gaskets and seals
  3. So I'm looking for an H-190 then? Anyone know where I could get one with the 3.889 ratio
  4. So I'm looking for an H-190 then?
  5. I am in the middle of a Sr swap and have added some extra power parts as well as a 5 link coil over conversion kit so the rear gear is definitely going to need to be taller thank you for your help and Input
  6. Benzfixen

    Rear differential?

    Are there any rear differentials that I can swap with mine to make a 3.83 gear or what would any one suggest
  7. I would like to purchase the mounts if possible
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