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  1. You got the wrong Phil guys. My old Marouk account is locked out as i'd been away for so long i presume... but I'm Phil Muffet. I've never taken any money from anyone relating to Datsuns - nor do I run a rotary shop?? I don't know the guy you are talking about either way, but I'd appreciate if you edit that for prosperity cause your tagging the wrong Phil. He is in Brendale - i'm in Sydney. No idea of his last name. I posted sometime on here previously under my other account that I was never going to be accepting any money on the project also unless it was a saleable and good quality finished goods. Bit annoyed to be tagged otherwise. I work in business/marketing completely unrelated to cars and collect cars/bikes as a hobby. Around 3 years ago I bought a set of good rubbers from Ted Heaton, and have since slowly been trying to scan and low-pressure mold "ok" replacements. I'm completely stuck on the "type" of rubber to use that can work my way, as such the past 18 months I've done bugger all as my day job has been pretty full on and any spare time i've had i've been playing with finished cars. I was attempting the method DatzenMike described and lost a lot of my work with a computer failure some time ago. I have re-scanned this afternoon for Moses. The scan will need to be cleaned up. If someone is actually going to use it, I'm happy to put a bit more effort into scanning at greater detail with more accuracy. Have sent to Moses. No issues with it being shared around - I've moved on from this problem for the foreseeable future. My 320's are buried behind other toys so unlikely i'll be remotivated anytime soon on this. *Edit - go here to grab the raw STL : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pD79BL2l9tYYCzJPWiTahyD_2INL4sgM * New scans will be at least 4 weeks away - as I'm traveling to the US tomorrow for business (Portland and then onto NAMM in Anaheim for any Pro Audio guys that might want to enjoy a coffee and chat in amongst the work) Will be nice if this finally comes together as it is easily a decade old problem.
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