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  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried any of these so called easy dent repair kits and if so how were the results. My wagon is covered in tons of little dents and want to make it look better without having to spend tons.
  2. StevenWay

    Seat Belts

    Just did new belts on my wagon. I’ll post pics later if how I did it.
  3. New Shoes. Just gotta figure the drop now. Back looks easy, just going to block it. Front, I have no idea what springs to use.
  4. Awesome. Thanks. Yeah I was looking at some Rotas as well. I’ve run them on past cars.
  5. I’ve done some searching but haven’t been able to find a firm answer on offset for new wheels for my wagon. Stock suspension currently but might do a small drop later. Running 13 inch steels right now, but looking at getting 15 or 16x7 wheels. From what I’ve read anything from 0 to +25mm offset should fit. Dont won’t to have to roll fenders or have silly camber either.
  6. New felt in all the windows. No more rattles, well not from windows anyway.
  7. Cool I will definitely check it out and ask a million questions.
  8. Just bought it last week and already getting into working on it. Edit: can’t do direct imgur link for some reason. https://imgur.com/a/Zji8lz9
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