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  1. So i need a 31.5 inch transmission and the 4 speed ebay transmission I bought that didnt list a length is more than likely 31.5 inches and should bolt right in? The only difference Inbetween my truck and the ebay parts truck that I see is that mine is a king cab and the ebay one is a standard. Thanks again for all the information.
  2. Do you know if all the 4 speed transmission were standard lengths and if so were they 31.5 inches or 26? I know the truck is a 81 4x4 DX and thats about all I know. I now own 9 vehicles but I'm mainly a vw guy. This is my first datsun so apologies for any amateur questions. To be honest until last week I didnt even know what a datsun 720 was. A kid from oriellys saw that I had some motorcycles and the truck is what he had to trade. So I traded 3 not running motorcycles and a not working winch for the truck. I paid $280 for the motorcycles and he was trying to sell the truck for $800 so I traded.
  3. I just went out and checked and I have the shorter drive shaft. I also ran out and checked the truck but its raining and wasnt able to be too thorough. The only plate I could find was the one with my vin number JN6MD06Y8BW
  4. Great information. Thank you. I purchased a 4 speed transmission from a 81 4wd 720 off of Ebay before I realized that a 5 speed is what is supposed to be in the truck. Since the donor truck is the same year and also a 4wd it should just bolt right in correct? I have the engine, divorced transfer case, and both drive shafts but none of them are installed on the truck. Without them in place is there any way to find out what length transmission (26 or 31.5) that I am supposed to have?
  5. I became the new owner of a 81 king cab 4x4 that has a 0 mile rebuilt z22 engine but no transmission. Are there any 5 speed transmissions that are direct bolt ons and if so what vehicles are they from? I have access to a 4 speed 720 transmission, would that fit and if so would I even want to put in a 4 speed when it should have a 5 speed?
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