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  1. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

    Appreciate all the advise fellas!! The 2.0 is actually pretty dang peppy, really surprised me. 70-75 on the interstate is no problem and rpms stay dead on 3k at 70mph in 5th gear
  2. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

    Sorry haven't replied in quite some time. Been busy with out of town training for the fd. I sourced the tailight buckets from a fella on datsun 720 club on FB.
  3. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

    I really appreciate that!
  4. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

    No offense to anyone here, but 60 something views on this thread after introducing myself more than 24 hrs ago, I kindly expected a little warmer welcoming. Esp with all the help I've seen given on here, which is why I signed up to this forum. I've wanted a datsun 720 since my pawpaw taught me to drive his when I was 15, some 22yrs ago. I finally got one, but I know absolutely nothing about these trucks. Information on them, esp the l20b, seem to limited. I may just be looking in the wrong places and I can't seem to get the search function to work well for me. I'm not butthurt just surprised really.
  5. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

    Obviously i'm doin something wrong trying to uploads pics. Sorry bout that
  6. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

  7. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

  8. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

  9. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

  10. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

    I'm only taking the wood blocks out as they are rotted and split. The radiator is actually lifted with the rest of the body as well as the front bumper. Looking at fixing this for a daily driver to work and back, 51 miles one way, so i want it a little safer in that aspect.
  11. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

    OK just realized the factory cab bushing are still under the truck. Just thought the radiator core support would have a bushing as well. Has soon as I figure out how to post pics I will
  12. Lt27

    1980 single cab short bed

    Thats what i was thinking, but just wanted to be sure there werent some type of rubber bushing thats supposed to go between the frame and cab. i know the bed is hard mounted just like all other beds. I currently don't have the means to upload pics, unless i can straight from my phone.
  13. Hey yall, Im Michael. Just signed up and looking forward to new friendships! I recently just picked up a 1980 Datsun 720 single cab, short bed, L20B, 5 speed for $500. The body and bed are in great shape other than the paint, but im in need of help, advise, about some other issues. 1st and the biggest issue for me is it has a body lift made from treated 2x4 lumber.....smdh!!!! Where can i find factory cab mounts? 2nd question is im in need of the driver side taillight surround, housing, as it is missing. I have a lot of work that needs to be done, but will come in due time. This forum has helped thus far so i signed up
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