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  1. This is a shot in the dark. So I'm somewhat new to the world of Datsun/Nissans but have had a couple 80's Toyota pickups and just bought this 1985 720 4x4. It's my first 4x4 truck and I'm excited to learn more and work on it. The story I was told upon buying it was that this is somewhat of a frankenstein truck that was in the process of being a full on restoration but after a engine swap, new tires, bearings and a half hearted attempt at a spray paint job it was shelved for greener pastures and sat for about a year under a tarp until I happened upon it. Currently it runs like a champ with the rebuilt engine and transmission but there is a lot to be desired in terms of the condition of the electrical. Everything electrical seems to be working on the truck with the exception of the dash lights, rear lights (not the brake lights), horn, blower motor, and stereo. Doing some light research I was able to conclude that all of these things are connected electrically to a fuse able link that connects and attaches to the positive terminal of the battery (The link has a black wire/green wire on the ending leading to the terminal and a solid white wire and a white wire with a black stripe on the other side of the link). Upon inspecting this link it seems that there was some modification performed by the previous owner where the white wire with the black stripe was cut from the connector and extended with a grey wire that was directly connected to the positive terminal. This was also performed to another white wire with a green stripe from the same grouping (wrapped in the same cluster of wires). When I disconnected the wire with the black stripe from the terminal and tried to reconnect back to its original position from where it was originally cut on the fusible link, no electrical seems to work on the car, it does not turn over and no of the other electrical seems to work. I'm trying to understand how this modification is making the car start and run but doesn't allow some of the electrical stuff to work. I'm not very electrically inclined but I'm hoping to learn more and eventually get the car to start and run and also hopefully have working dash lights, ext. Any suggestions?
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