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  1. My truck is a 5/83 4x4 king cab deluxe with factory 3.889 as well
  2. They are side by side in the garage so this is doable just was curious if someone had done it before but your logic absolutely rock solid
  3. I have a 5/83 Nissan 720 it has the H190 rear diff with 3.889 gears we recently came across a gutted 85 Nissan 720 with a C200 with 4:11 gears front and back is it a direct swap taking out a H190 for the c200 ? Or are there hidden issues that changed between the trucks
  4. Thank you I was getting the feeling that this may be the case this truck is getting harder and harder to get parts for . Any time you see even a base model in a junk yard things a skeleton in just a a couple weeks lol
  5. I replaced my rear differential recently on my 83 Nissan king cab 4x4 the original unit went out I had a 4.375 from a 71 521 handy used it threw it in just to get me by I finally came across the correct 3.889 ratio from a 84 200SX at the local pull a part . When I went to swap back I realized my wheel bearings on both sides was smoked they may have been that way before but either way I noticed now . I went to take out the axles and there was no way to get the parking brake cable to release from the backing plate so I had to cut both sides to get the axles out now I’m finding that getting the c
  6. Mine is a mid 83 king cab deluxe I do remember something being mentioned about the offset I just made the assumption it was something that occurred when the truck was assembled in America in Smyrna TN at the same time the C200 was put in the 4x4 version the offset was for the awkward Z oil pan wasn’t it . If I can get my hands on one of these front diffs with the correct gearing I will be in business or I will have to convert my front and rear end to a newer set up from the easier to find 84-85.5 I occasionally find in the scrap yards
  7. I am actually looking for a front diff for my 06/1983 . I had some rear differential trouble and ended up putting a aluminum housing 4.375 rear diff from a 71 Datsun 521on my 720 4x4 I really like the get up and go it has but would also like to be able to utilize the 4x4 but the front diff is the stock HF38 I was to understanding most these had 4:11s this one didn’t I seen it mentioned that the 80-early 83 had 4.375 but I also recalled that in 83 they made the shafts uneven lengths how would I go about getting a 4.375 front diff but being able to plug and play it
  8. After using a speedo app on my phone it was indeed the same huge thanks to you guys this site has been a enormous help keeping my little truck going I love this thing but sometimes when things break it can be a absolute bear getting it fixed and expensive too. This truck of mine is in excellent condition minus some rust on the seam of the bed and a crack or two on the dash and I honestly don’t think I could replace this truck thank you guys so much
  9. Update..... took front and rear drive lines out put truck in 2H let out on clutch confirmed transfer case vibration . Small shaft from transmission to case was solid . Replaced transfer case with one I picked up in a junk yard out of a 85 720 and was a direct match . Drained old oil replaced with new all is smooth again . However could be just me will confirm later but seemed like there is a gearing difference
  10. I am going to have to look into that . They rebuilt the little driveline from transmission to transfer case and the large drive line from transfer case to rear end and these was all put back in when I got the truck back from having the clutch tranny and drive shafts done . I did the rear diff myself and putting a lower ratio in it has it really aggravated however that being said I never did break the shaft apart when I took it out to do the rear diff work but it’s certainly something to look into love my old truck too clean and smooth to throw away just yet
  11. Has a rebuilt drive shaft . Did however check there know these trucks have a weak spot there . U joints are fresh too it just kinda blows my mind but most likely a transfer case . I got a spare I robbed out of a junk yard 85 .
  12. I have put a rebuilt transmission in my truck my transmission did lock up on me and shortly after I changed the rear differential as the lock up that happened when my transmission went out apparently broke the carrier pin in the rear differential. Now I’m chasing yet another vibration and I think it may be my transfer case . Has anyone had one of these go out on their 4x4 720 trucks . My engine is healthy transmission new and under warranty and rear end healthy as can be this can be the only logical thing I can think it could be
  13. In my case and maybe it’s possible it was a fluke but my truck is a early 83 made in Japan 4x4 with the large yoke driveline and or flange . The truck I found my rear end replacement in was a early 84 2wd when they first started making them in Tennessee. Perhaps it’s possible the rear end used in that 84 2wd was the same pinion as used in the 2 and 4x4 trucks made in Japan maybe the splines didn’t change till late 84 in the 2wd? But all I know is I took that small flange off and my larger diameter flange and yoke went right on tooth for tooth torqued it down and I’ve got 200 miles on it alread
  14. Patthedog

    v6 4.3 swap

    Never looked too hard into the early carbed 4.3 . I know some of the cars had em like the Chevy caprice the Monte Carlo and El caminos and full sized base model trucks some was carbed then they went to Throttle Body Injectors that some folks called a carb but was actually two big fuel injectors a IAC and a TPS and a MAP sensor in the form of fuel injection . Cadillac however I’m not sure because they had actually been fuel injected in some models since 79 however I think sometime in 85 and 86 they did have a quadrajet that had a lot of stuff on em that most folks would rip these off at the f
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