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  1. Thank you, but now where does the heater core input go? it looks like hose B goes straight to what I assumed was the heater core input, so now the heater core hot side has nowhere to attach. Judging by how close the thermostat plate is to the bypass port, there is significant restriction there, even with the thermostat closed, using a T and an elbow to connect the heater core input to B looks like a potential solution. The coolant outlet slung under the intake manifold is not restricted, so it should be able to feed the bypass and heater core which both have significant restriction on their own, also means I can use straight lines instead of weird U hoses that are special order.
  2. The thermostat regulates the flow from the radiator to the pump, the heater core gets constant flow since it's on the other side of the thermostat, that's 2 things that need pump flow. There are 3 holes on the input side (timing cover), one for the heater core, one for the radiator, and a mystery hole that I don't have any sort of reference to figure out what it belongs to, you say the rectangle goes to the heater core, and I believe it, but that then leaves another hose hookup with nothing to attach it to. On the output side (intake manifold) there are 2 holes, one for the heater core, one for the radiator, no mystery hole. One of those inputs is getting plugged, and big rectangle is the most convenient.
  3. Actually, I think I remember where the PCV valve is now, on trucks it comes in the middle where all 4 holes meet, I thought it was the hookup for the brake booster, but that wouldn't explain the oil residue I remember being there, so the brake booster is going in through the EGR instead.
  4. The only thing on this truck that needs hot water is the heater core, so I'm stumped. The big hole is getting plated over, if it needs to attach to something later I'll mod the plate, heater core gets hooked direct to the existing hose hookup. An oil separator will be easy to fabricate, there should be somewhere to attach the PCV to the intake I have, if not, I'll attach it where the EGR used to be since I tapped it for pipe threads already.
  5. Where would I attach the PCV? It goes after the air filter, but before the throttle plate, same as the breather on the rocker arm cover, right?
  6. OK, so what is the port in the back for, if the square hole is for the heater, what's the port that's designed to have a hose on it already for? I smear the RTV on there with my fingers, there's already squish out on the outside before the part goes on, some does get on the inside as well, but not big gobs that break off and clog shit up. The gasket that came with the pump was damaged in shipping, so there's no gasket in there, just RTV, the master gasket set that came with the engine was missing the ones for the PCV heater core port thingy, and thermostat housing, so those get RTV as well. I should get some of those hole punches for gasket material so I can make gaskets more easily, but I presently don't have a set.
  7. Still wondering what the rectangular port between the main radiator return, and the heather core is for, going to make a plate to cover it, since it's a huge hole in the cooling system, but I still want to know why it's there. You can see the back side of the thermostat through the hole. There's a port that goes into the timing cover just below it, also not sure what might go there, can sort of see the oil pump/dizzy shaft through it. It needs plugging as well. The cooling system changed, the water jacket goes past the hole the dizzy is supposed to fit in now. The hole has 2 "steps" now, each step is positioned so Z24 dizzys will not fit, the collar that allows the standalone dizzy to rotate has to be trimmed back so it goes in all the way, then the bushing housing has to be turned down until it fits past the second step, I couldn't see a good way to get the dizzy into a lathe, so grinder and file work had to do. The motor mount brackets also changed, had to get a set of used ones, but an adapter plate could also do the job. main thing is I'm waiting on a valve cover, USPS may have lost it.
  8. oil pan is a no go, the timing cover has a spot that sticks out further, so even though it will bolt on it won't cover the entire bottom of the engine. Going to need a someone with a lathe to adapt the spline collar from the Z24I dizzy so it will fit on the older style Z24 dizzy, i think there are people in town that can do this as I don't have access to a lathe anymore. There's a rectangular port on the KA24e water pump input, I can't figure out what it's for, it's not for the thermostat, and it's not for the heater core. If it's not important I can block it. List of parts that the "complete engine" did not come with, and the Z24I parts aren't compatible with: Dizzy* (requires adapter plate, will attach to the shaft but it won't seat all the way, adapter plate both shims it and fixes the bolt pattern. old style NAPZ24 dizzy has additional problems, even with an old style oil pump shaft.) valve cover oil pan water pump water pump/fan pulley fan clutch harmonic balancer intake manifold thermostat housing
  9. The only junkyard that would have had an intact Nissan with the KA24e in it got destroyed, none of the others have anything useful, any parts I need have to be ordered in, or robbed off of the Z24I if possible. I got the KA24e, true to normal automotive douchbaggery it's missing a bunch of parts, despite being sold as a complete engine, (they clearly have a VERY different idea of what a complete engine is, last time I put an engine in something it came basically ready to run, just hook up all the tubes, wires, throttle cable, put fluids in it, and it's good to go, but that was for a piece of industrial equipment). Is the oil pan off the Z24I going to fit, or do I need to find one? I already have a rocker arm cover, and intake on order, going to see if the local auto stores have the water pump, water pump pulley, and fan clutch, hopefully the fan is the same. Would the flywheel and clutch mount up?
  10. ok, so the intake isn't going to work, i'll have to track one down, or make one, tracking one down is probably better but i'll make one if I have to
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