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  1. Thanks for the tips! I had read that people widen the ports on the W53 a bit to help with airflow so I was planning on that. I know people go up to a 2mm bore so the 1mm definitely sounds like a good middle ground. I appreciate the feedback
  2. Hey everyone, So I've collected some of the main pieces of the future engine for my 71 goon. I've got: - L20b block with crank - W53 closed head - dual 40mm mikunis I also have W58 head to take rockers and springs from if I want. This is going into my goon intended to be a daily driver so I'd like some power down low for around town but still be able to cruise fairly comfortably on the freeway. No machine work has been done yet. I'm looking for some advice from people who may have done a similar build. I think I plan on runni
  3. Yup, this is the source I used for the swap.
  4. I chose this motor because it bolts right on to the original mounting plate with any modifications. The wiring is as simple as I thought it was but the blown fuse made me think I had made a mistake. i'll take some pictures for you later when I have more time but it's actually pretty straight forward.
  5. Finally got my wipers to work! Ended up going with the Del Sol wiper motor swap. also may be coming up on an L20b and some 40mm mikunis ?
  6. It turns out my wiring was correct and the problem was a blown fuse. i appreciate the reply but rest assured I did my due diligence of searching the web before I created my own post. I had hit a wall since I had believed my wiring scheme wasn't working which is why I posted. Not the kind of person to cry for help without trying to save myself first ?
  7. Hey gang, I'm new around here. I finally picked up a '71 510 wagon a few months ago after wanting one for years. The project I started on day 1 was getting the wiper system to work. After repairing all of the linkage and trying to get the motor rebuilt, I decided to just go for the swap to a new wiper motor but I cannot figure out the wiring. Here is the motor I bought: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M03B258?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share None of the wiring diagrams I've found for the motor seem to match since it's a reproduction. I'd really appreciate s
  8. I'm also very interested if you could provide a link or contact!
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