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  1. the oil was black with particles in it .. the thing is the truck is appart ahah so i can't try it like that
  2. Whats up guys ! I am currently rebuilding my truck and trying to finish the brake system but I'm having a hard time trying to find parts .. I changed both master cylinder because they were leaking and when arrived the time to put the new master on the booster I found a lot of brake fluid inside and the oil was black so I assume the diaphragm is bad now. I called every autopart and tried a bunch on internet and can't find it . part number I found on rockauto is 53-5240 but it's discontinued . My question is ; Does anybody ever fit another booster on this truck that would still be available ? If
  3. yochase got me a pair thank you !
  4. Hey guys , I've been looking for that famous Y type fitting coming with the wheel cylinder but can't find it . Called every local shops and check on rockauto but they are discontinued. Does someone know a place or a website still having them ??
  5. lowkey620

    620 Windshield

    Hi , Im having a hard time finding a windshield for my 620 78' (kingcab) .. Does anybody know a website or someone who has one ?
  6. lowkey620

    Air shocks ?

    thanks for the reply ! I also found the gabriel hijackers model 49346 that have almost the same setup.
  7. lowkey620

    Air shocks ?

    ok thanks for the info !??
  8. lowkey620

    Air shocks ?

    Does anyone know if we can still have some air shocks for the 620? or another model that fit ? thanks
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