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  1. So I will have to keep the naps clutch
  2. I found a transmission out of a 95 ka24e hardbody can I make it work with the front housing I have?
  3. I obtained the truck non running or driving
  4. So is there a chance it is salvageable as long as the gears don't look like that?
  5. Trans is out it shifts to all gears but only 4 moves output shaft
  6. Hard to tell by the pictures but the numbers are ZL71b #3 anyone know any info only gear works is 4th
  7. Wayno I'm only little ways south if ya ever made down this way be my guest for sure
  8. In Washington it was registered as a 521 I have yet to deal with any of that will keep you guys posted Wayno what state ya in
  9. It looks like block is stamped z20
  10. Thanks once I get the vin off I will post it and hopefully you gurus can tell me some more info haven't got chance to check breaks yet motor came with a pace setter and a Weber I will try to get a screen shot of video and post that
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